Tapping into the power of internal training

Tapping into the power of internal training

There are a lot of advantages that internal training can offer to employees as compared to external trainings. Over time, people have always undermined the power of internal training and that is why it is not always taken very seriously today. There are several tips on how to make sure the internal seminars become of benefit to the organisation.


Internal sessions

Having internal trainings are the only time when the company’s seminar room is fully utilised than ever before. Organise several sessions internally that are aimed to add value to the employees and also help them carry out their duties efficiently. It is a good practice to make internal trainings once a week as it will foster a good culture for the company.

The trainings need to be interesting and always explain in advance why the employees need them. Employees will generally be looking forward to attend when they are informed of the purpose of the training prior to the date. Do purchase relevant business books that can be stocked in the company library for reading purposes.


On job training

There are many things that an employee can learn from the day to day tasks at your company. Make sure that you have performance development plan in place geared towards equipping the employees with necessary skills. There are different ways how companies operate – from its simplest things to the standard protocol. Hence, internal trainings are essential and it needs to be instil in the new employees.



If you want your employees to develop their skills and also gain knowledge, then coaching and mentoring them should be included for new employees. The senior or experienced employees will be able to guide them on what is normally done on several occasions that they encounter in their line of duty.

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