The Chinese pudding: Ginger milk curd


Have you have ever tried the ginger milk curd? If you have not, you are missing out on a great dessert. We should thank Guangdong Province in the Southern China for the origins of this best dessert. This pudding will help you to lose weight but the same time boost your appetite. Ginger milk curd promotes hair growth and helps in the elimination of acne.


Yin and Yan dessert

One of the desserts that will help you to achieve Yin and Yan balance and feel better about yourself is the ginger milk curd. The advice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners is that people should eat foods that will support their Yin and Yan.

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yan are two opposite forces. One is negative and dark while the other is bright and positive. The interaction of these forces influences your well-being. Creating a balance means achieving better physical, mental and emotional health.


The best bet for creating a sure ginger milk curd

I always wondered why so many people fail in creating this classic but easy to make Chinese dessert. The secret lies in getting the right temperature. That is why a digital kitchen thermometer is necessary for making this dessert.



  • Firstly, you will need 250ml skimmed milk, 18g ginger, and add 20g sugar if you like.
  • Combine the sugar and milk in a pan. Heat this mixture to 65 degrees Celsius. Remember, getting this temperature right is what facilitates the best dessert. Use your digital thermometer properly.
  • Peel and micro plane ginger and squeeze the juice out.
  • With your ginger juice in the bowl, pour in the milk. Pour from a height to facilitate sufficient mixing. Do not stir. Stirring will prevent gel formation.
  • Leave at room temperature. The gel will form in 5 to 10 minutes.


There you have your best Chinese pudding!

Serve it immediately or put it in the fridge for future consumption. For a stronger taste of the ginger juice, you can use more ginger. Ginger milk curd is a popular Chinese dessert. Many love it because it enhances wellness. It is made of ginger and milk in a simple process.

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