Starting an online business in Singapore


It is true that online business is one of the fastest growing segment in the business industry not only in Singapore but also globally. As much as venturing into such business seems rewarding, there is a lot more than just setting up of a website. Creativity, capital and planning need to be done to make the business a success. Discussed in the subsequent subheadings are the key steps towards establishing a successful online business.


Research and planning

It is the initial step needed. Through the market research, it is possible to know which products are in line with the needs of the potential customers. Assessing the business idea through brainstorming and research will prove the viability of the product or service that needs to be offered. Thereafter, a proper and realistic working plan need to be drafted in order to actualize the idea. Strategies, cash flow analysis are some of the key areas that will be covered.


Understanding the domain

Get to understand what the online business is all about. It is the step that will help in gaining knowledge regarding the rules and regulations that must be followed in Singapore when putting up such like a business. The key areas that need to be well understood include an overview of the industry, the regulatory regime, Singapore taxation and finally the funding/financial assistance needed.


Establishment of required infrastructure

The supporting infrastructure is key in ensuring that the products/services are delivered to the online customers. Laying down the needed infrastructure that is in line with the business strategy enables the business to run efficiently. Some of the common infrastructures that will be needed include IT systems, staff, and other facilities.

There is a need also to do website marketing & advertisement, customer support, service/product fulfilment and record keeping to make the operations run smoothly.

Establishment of an online business may not be as easier as it looks. It needs energy, skills, money among other things to have it up and running.

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