Top 5 Things to Do at City Plaza

Comprising of 18 storeys, City Plaza is a mall living in its past glory. Deceptive in its appearance, this plaza has a lot to offer. City Plaza is a true gem when it comes to getting great deals. From cheaply priced clothes to vintage toys and cameras, this place has many knick-knacks to offer. Although City Plaza does not look like one of the snazzy places on Orchard Road or Bugis, but it certainly has a lot to explore.  We have listed the options you can explore at City Plaza.

Buy and Sell Clothes at Extremely Cheap Prices

One of the best things to do at City Plaza is to shop for extremely cheap clothing. Shops such as White Fiction, Peony and Refash sell clothes, shoes, accessories and priced between $5-15. You can purchase beautiful choker tops, chiffon tops, pants, dresses and shirts. One can also avail great discounts if merchandise is bought in bulk.

Sell Your Clothes to Other People

If your cupboard is occupied by unwanted clothes, then City Plaza is the best place to visit. You can sell all your unwanted clothes in Refash by renting a space for $40 a week. You can get rid of clothes u don’t wear by displaying up to 100 pieces on the store’s racks. To sell at Refash, you just need to pay a registration fee of $20, you can sell the pieces for weeks to come by paying the rental every week.

Arnold Fried Chicken

While in City Plaza, visiting Arnold Fried Chicken is a must. The half spring chicken meal is worth a mere $7.50 ad it also includes fries and coleslaw. This famous Singaporean fast food centre is most frequently visited at City Plaza. The chicken is delicately fried to a crispy exterior and is juicy inside. Overall, this place can give KFC some tough competition!

Devour Delicious Noodles in City Plaza

One of the best things City Plaza is known for is noodles. The shopping centre has Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles located on the fifth level. This place serves a wide variety of noodles including Abalone Clams Home Made Yu Mee and Fish Maw Gong Zai Mee.

Vintage Toys and Cameras

You can find many shops at city plaza selling vintage itms like disc players, cameras, gramophones and old-style telephones. One of the best shops that sells antique cameras in City Plaza is Power Photo Store. Similarly, you can also find vintage toys like collectible Gameboys and game stations. These games can be bought as cheap as $10 and can be collected as artefacts from the past.


  • Everything at City Plaza comes with a price tag but bargaining is the best thing to do. You will be able to get the item at a much lower price when you bargain.
  • City Plaza is known for wholesale goods and you will benefit much more if you shop in groups or buy in bulk.
  • Try and stop at one of the beauty salons located at City Plaza as they offer a massage or manicure as low as $5.

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