Top 4 customised gift to give for your events

Throwing a big party with your friends, or holding a grand event in your company? Perhaps you need prizes for a lucky draw or a piece of memorabilia to commemorate an anniversary of some kind? Whatever the occasion, nothing speaks from the heart as much as a gift with a custom print. Here are 5 customisable gifts you might consider ordering for your next big event.

Customisable T-shirt

Probably the most common gift idea, a beautiful custom-made T-shirt will likely wow your audience. The T-shirt’s design should reflect something that your audience likes, to increase their chances of wearing it. For instance, band T-shirts are common for fans of musicians to show their love and support. Cute illustrations or bold slogans also make good T-shirt printing designs.

You can even show your thoughtfulness by considering the size of the T-shirt for the receivers of your gift. Nothing makes a gift receiver more happy than a shirt that they can look wonderful in. T-shirts are universally recommended as a gift because everyone wears T-shirts, but especially so for school-going children as working adults tend to dress a bit more formally for work.

Customisable apron

If you know that your audience loves to cook, a customisable apron may be the best gift for them. Apron printing looks best with cute designs, such as anime illustrations. They appeal to both older women and younger housewives, and would be a great gift for casual chefs as well.

Customisable hoodies

Hoodies are long-sleeved, fashionable garments mainly worn by teenagers. It comes with a hood which can be easily put on the head. It is also great for shielding the wearer against rainy weather or arctic air-conditioned classrooms. Hoodies with printed designs are therefore great if you know your audience would feel cold easily.

Typically, hoodie designs reflect a teenager’s tastes – they tend to incorporate a symbol of something they like or feel strongly for. “Emo” looks are typically associated with hoodies: goth, punk and rock. Incorporating these elements into your design could prove to be very successful.

Customisable towel

Do your audience members go to the gym often? A customisable towel is perfect for those who make exercise a continuous part of their daily routine. Towel prints come in many sizes, but most customisable towels are smaller than bath towels, good for wiping dry specific parts of your body. With workout towels, it is recommended to custom print a motivational quote or image, which can help to keep energy levels high when attempting challenging physical activity.

Customisable cap

Caps, for some reason, has grown to be more of a fashion trend than just a purposeful shield from the sun. Many youths wear caps indoors to look trendy, or to give their head a more concrete, round shape. Cap is even more popular among people who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially those who visit the many parks in Singapore. Popular cap printing designs tend to incorporate a short and catchy slogan, or include a chic illustration. Caps are also great gifts for boys who have just enlisted into National Service.

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