The Best Amenities that Quality Condos Possess

Even if you’re not big on gyms, recreation centers, pools, and prefer to cook home meals to eating at the newest restaurants, buying a condo in a neighbourhood offering the said luxury amenities, and more, can be worth your while, especially down the line.

Below are a couple of luxury amenities that are absolutely worth the premium:

Resort-Style Amenities with Active Communities.

It’s one thing to have a condo that has a state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, or even a golf course, and another to have all of those and actually have a community that actively uses these amenities together.

When choosing a condo, it’s always best to choose one that offers fitness classes, in-house leagues, and even lessons, that help encourage residents, such as yourself, to stay fit and active.

Architectural Longevity

Good architecture retains value, especially financially. Sometimes, the difference between a condo that continuously appreciates in value and one that depreciates is who the architect was. Doing your research and going for one that has a good track record for beautiful and practical designs can have a huge impact on how much your condo is valued in the future.

Consider how the condo looks like today and how it will look like in a few decades. If you’re not exactly the imaginative type, at least make sure that the condo had a solid foundation and was built using high-grade materials.


This applies to everything from proximity to hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, parks, and other leisure areas, to a layout that allows for a clear separation between social and private areas.

Remember, you’re buying Belgravia Green, so you’re bound to have a few friends come over every now and then. Making sure that guests don’t have to fumble through your bedroom to go to the toilet can be incredibly rewarding. Also, try to avoid units that have long, winding hallways, seemingly unending stairwells, and other space wasters, like awkwardly placed columns.

In-Unit Laundry

Yes, it’s nice to have the laundry machine somewhere in the rooftop or basement not taking up space, but, if you’re going to splurge, might as well make sure that you can do your own laundry without getting out of your living space.

Move-in Ready > Fixer-Upper

High-end renovations take a lot of time and money, and when choosing between a unit that’s already complete and ready for you to move in and one that you have to develop and fix yourself, you’re better off with the former.

Besides, developers these days are willing to splurge on hiring big-name interior designers and known contractors to work the insides of their condo units.

If you broke down the total cost, you’d be surprised just how much cheaper the “premium” you paid for a move-in ready home like the Fourth Avenue Residences Condo Singapore will be.


Buildings built by reputable developers retain their value for years and researching won’t even take a lot of time. You can google them yourself, and you’ll find industry pros and established locals talking about which developers are worth paying a premium price for or not.

Reputable developers are an underrated luxury amenity that many make the mistake of not considering. Be sure to only choose reputable developers of established estates like Parc Esta Condo in Singapore.

If you’re purchasing a condo in hopes that its value will increase over the years, then it’s important that you don’t compromise on any of these six criteria. Investing your money in a home is a significant milestone, so ensure that properties like Treasure At Tampines Condo, is worth every dollar you paid for.

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