Common Types of Photos Taken at an Instant Photo Booth

Have you ever seen an instant photo booth? They are little areas set up with a professional camera that allows you to take a photo, and get them printed out immediately – for free! It definitely sounds like a great opportunity for you to be posing for a new profile picture for your social media, or have a printed memento of the great times you shared with a close friend.

The instant photo booth in singapore can appear anywhere but are most commonly found in weddings and corporate events. If you ever get the opportunity to get a photo from a wedding photo booth in singapore, you may be asking: what kind of pictures should I take at the booth?

Here are a few common types of photos guests take at the instant photo booth in Singapore:

Portrait shots

Those in fancy suits may not want to stand out too much. Portrait shots are great for showing your best side while still looking professional. Portraits typically involve a lone person smiling towards the camera. Just think of the pictures you see of insurance agents or property agents. That’s the common portrait. This could be the most boring shot, but it does get the job done.

Fun group photo

If you can gather your friends together at the photo booth, perhaps a fun and varied group photo will be your choice. In this photo, each member of the group poses differently, often doing something wacky or ridiculous. There is constant interaction between each member of the group. To make the photo-taking experience even more fun, the best photo booth in singapore also allows you to use props, such as a toy sword, to allow role-playing in the group. It’ll surely be a blast.

Couple shots

For the lovebirds out there, a photo booth is a perfect reason for you to get a picture together with your partner. You can even think of it as a trial for your wedding photoshoot in the future! Show off your mushy romance to the camera, and suddenly the love between you two, easily reflected in your eyes and smile, can be encapsulated forever. Besides using romantic props such as fake roses, you can also consider different poses. For instance, he could be piggybacking her. Or he could drop on one knee and kiss her hand. When you receive the print-out, you know that you have a physical reminder of your love – captured in a beautiful photograph.

Role-playing photographs

Using props can allow you to role-play and re-enact scenes from your favourite movies, novels and TV series. This little ‘inside-joke’ can leave you giggling a few years down the road when you look at the photo again: “Do you remember that time when we tried to imitate that pose from your favourite childhood TV series?” This little memorabilia will be the signifier of your friendship for the days to come.


For some people, planning their shot is not necessary before visiting an instant photo booth. But for many others, this quick guide should give some idea of how they can make the best use of any photo booth they come across.

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