Why You Should Choose Picocare 450 Laser Treatments

What is so good about the Picocare 450 laser?

You’ve probably heard about lasers zapping away age spots and acne scars – but do you actually know how do they really work? Fractional Laser treatments are widely offered in aesthetic clinics, and the popularity for it is off the charts due to the effectiveness of clearing acne scars. We have also heard of different types of lasers, from the good ol’ CO2 Fractional Lasers for acne scar removal and skin pigmentation reduction, to the Fraxel Laser for wrinkle removal and overall skin rejuvenation. However, did you know of the newest revolutionary laser treatment – Pico 450 laser?

Picocare 450 laser is an effective acne treatment which helps to treat acne scars and reduce the appearance of large pores. So – aesthetically speaking, the faster the laser pulses, the better the laser is. The speed of the laser defines how well the laser’s efficacy is, this is because a fast laser has a shorter duration between laser pulses, which means it gives more laser pulses every second. The Picocare 450 laser’s ability to generate a laser pulse every 450 seconds makes it one of the most exceptional lasers in the aesthetic market.

With its tremendous speed and exactitude, the Picocare 450 laser penetrates to beyond the skin’s surface causing micro-explosions which then produces tiny bubbles. These bubbles fill up with collagen during the recovery process and help to create an elevated effect to raise indented acne scars. The bubble effect is an unique feature of the Picocare 450 laser, and is exceptionally effective to target indented acne scars, enlarged pores and pores around nose area which is hard to disseminate.

Many people are afraid of the side-effects of traditional laser treatments, however for Picocare 450 laser, there are much lesser side-effects post-treatment. Faster recovery and low downtime is observed after the treatment is done.

What does Pico 450 laser treat?

Picocare 450 laser helps to treat various skin issues, focusing mainly on depressed acne scars and enlarged pores. Pores which appear on the nose, and around the nose are normally harder to treat. The reason why large pores occur on skin is due to several different factors – including, oily skin, poor hygiene, sun damage, loss of collagen or even genetics. Having enlarged pores makes the skin look unhygienic. At the same time, it magnifies any dirt and grime that is clogged within.

Lasers can only be performed by certified doctors

Due to the rising popularity of laser treatments, beauty salons are offering laser treatment options to customers. However, laser treatments should only be administered by certified medical doctors due to its potential risk to cause serious complications, i.e. serious burns and blindness. A consultation with a medical doctor should be done prior the laser treatment, so as to understand the patient’s skin conditions and problems or identify the culprit which is causing the skin’s agony. Most skin issues require more than one session to completely treat, however, it is not always “more treatments means better results”, a doctor will come out with a precise treatment plan for the patient after understanding the skin’s condition.

Many beauty salons are offering “unlimited laser sessions within a certain time frame” which is not the case to properly treat acne scars and pigmentations. A proper laser session in the doctors’ office should be performed with an interval of more than 2 weeks.

What should you do on top of getting laser treatments?

Besides making regular visits for laser sessions with a certified doctor, patients are recommended to get chemical peels on top of laser treatments to effectively remove pigmentation from within the skin. Following a laser session, the skin should be kept away from sun exposure. The skin is most sensitive right after a laser session, therefore, it is necessary to keep the skin unexposed from the Sun by introducing sunscreen and oral sunblock pills for preventative measures.

What is Pico 450 laser recovery like?

The major hassle of Picocare 450 Laser is being pink and having to keep one’s face moisturised for 4-5 days. After this period, the recovery improves significantly. The results are usually extremely dramatic after Picocare 450 Laser.

Picocare 450 Laser causes redness for about one week and then the skin is pink in colour for another several weeks. Once new skin completely covers the treated area — usually after one or two weeks— you can use cosmetics to conceal any redness.

Research has shown that the improvement of skin condition will continue to be seen as the skin continues to heal over the course of 18 months. So, for most patients, if they look good at several weeks, they will look better at several months.

When do results appear after laser?

Results after laser treatments should be gradual, once after laser, the skin might stay pink while it heals. After the healing process is over, an immediate difference in skin quality and appearance will be observed. Picocare 450 laser results will continue to improve over the next 6 months.

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