Design a Vintage Hoodie All On Your Own

Vintage hoodies have been the rage for the longest time, no matter how cool, modern or chic designs get, customers will always have a soft spot for vintage designs. While people love vintage designs, not a lot of companies make them.

We know that it can be a bit upsetting when you are determined to buy something but are unable to find the right design. However, you no longer have to worry about finding the right design. Because of the instant availability of customised printing, you can simply give your design to a printer or make one yourself.

Getting the vintage look, or any hoodie design for that matter isn’t difficult. However, many people ask printers and designers regularly on how to start. Simply put, having the right design is the basic building block. Then, you can enhance any look with the kind of fabric that you use.

Here is how you can make the perfect vintage hoodies:

  • The Design

The first thing that you need to do is to get started on the design and make sure that you are starting with an open mind. While there aren’t any limitations to art, there are some to screen-printing, so you need to keep that in mind. You need to decide what colours you are looking for in your hoodies. If you are looking for a subtle print, then it is important that you keep an eye on the vibrancy of the chosen colours.

  • Skip the under-base colour

In order to make your colours pop, a white ink layer is spread on your fabric as the under-base layer. While this adds a new layer to the hoodie, it also enhances the colours. If you want a vintage effect, it is better if you skip the under-base altogether. This way the fabric and the ink will mesh together and you’d be able to get that typical vintage worn-out look.

  • Light base dark ink

There are plenty of other light colours, except white, that makes an excellent option. Some include beige, light yellow, baby pink, pastel blue and heather grey. Use a light coloured fabric and then print on it with a darker colour ink to make it look good even without the under base.

  • Utilising the original fabric colour

If you start designing your hoodie with the end product’s colour in mind, we believe the end result will be exceptionally good. Leave some empty spaces instead of adding another colour. This way you would be able to save on the amount of coloured ink being used while giving your hoodie the extra spark that it needs.

  • Discharge ink

If you want to choose a darker tone, then we’d suggest that you go with inks that are water-based or discharge. This process uses bleach to rip off your fabric from its true colour to get the print you want. Remember that the discharge may vary from fabric to fabric and different colour bases.

People have this misconception that customised vintage hoodies can be expensive. However, you can find cheap hoodie printing in Singapore without worrying about the quality. So, if you want to get a customised vintage hoodie, then we’d suggest that you get in touch with a hoodie printer and give them your design.

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