Grasp The Art Of Japanese Writing Instantly

Japanese, with its unique alphabet and complex sentence structures, can be quite a challenge when trying to learn it quickly.

The Japanese don’t use an alphabet; they use three types of scripts: kanji, hiragana and katakana. They can be learned in every Japanese Language School worldwide. You don’t even need to know every single word of all 3 scripts. Many Japanese natives don’t even know every single character, so relax and learn with confidence.

Several children’s books are written in hiragana and katakana because they have only 46 characters each, making it easier for Japanese children to start reading and writing using the two scripts before attempting the more difficult kanji. It may take many years to acquire the art of writing quickly and accurately, but you can learn to do so quickly if you get yourself organised.

Here Are Tips on How to Learn Writing Japanese


YouTube is a fantastic tool for learning to write the Japanese language. Finding lessons is quite simple. Type Japanese online courses in the YouTube search box in the search bar, and numerous videos will show up. After you have started watching videos on Japanese language online course, YouTube will start recommending others that are appropriate for your level.

Working with Native Speaker

When learning Japanese, you’ll probably be making sounds that are entirely different from what you are used to. Just for this reason, it is necessary that you work with a native Japanese speaker from day one. You have three options for this.

One, which is a great option, but it is also the most expensive, is to find a local Japanese speaker and work with him or her in person.

The next option is to use language learning software or online guidance. You can get high-quality, fully interactive language learning software programs recorded by native speakers for under a hundred dollars. This option is much more affordable than hiring a personal Japanese tutor, and you can go over lessons again and again until you’re satisfied that you’re familiar with them.

And the third option, which is free, is that you can do a language exchange over the Internet. Go to a language learning forum and search for a native Japanese speaker who is ready to teach you Japanese, and in return, you teach him or her your native language.

Cram the Katakana Script 

You will need to understand the Katakana script to make learning Japanese easy and fun. You can use pictures and match them with words, thus making your journey easy and less grueling. Katakana is used to transcribe foreign words, to represent the names of animals, plants, minerals, and the name of foods. Familiarising yourself with katakana script will ease you into success, one step at a time.

Listen to Your Tutors Closely

The tutors in your Japanese course Singapore are trained professionals. They have years of experience reading, teaching and studying the language. Therefore, collaborating with them closely will give you a head start in the language. When attending your lessons, pay attention to them and listen to how they pronounce words. Ask questions whenever in doubt. They will be glad to walk the journey with you and offer professional guidance,

In Conclusion

Try writing a little every day. Start with the simple words for motivation and reward yourself whenever you get it right. Work on your assignments daily and before long, you will be writing and speaking the Japanese language like a pro. When you enroll in Japanese Course in Singapore, all these steps and many more will be covered in their training.

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