6 Dining Table Designs To Keep The Spotlight On You

Movies like The Princess Diaries, Twilight and many other films truly defines what elegant furniture looks like. Of course, the furniture in the background wasn’t the main focus of your attention but the pieces that were used in the movies were rather exquisite.

The moment we think about buying furniture for our house, what comes to mind are artistic designs, curved legs, spiral outlines, soft and comfortable upholstery and more. Sometimes it’s a toss-up between wanting a home that provides you with warmth and comfort and having a home with a polished design complemented with a fine bronze sheen.

Nowadays, you will find that people are more into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that not only compliments their room but amazes their guests too. Let’s have a look at some dining tables and chairs with unique designs that we are sure you would love to grace your house with:

Family Reminder

“A family that eats together, stays together”… how many times have you heard this?

A beautifully designed dining living space that brings your family together, is a true representation of a happy home. A vintage dining table made with Oakwood and classic white dining chairs is a setting that can never go wrong. Arranged in the kitchen with the sunlight streaming in, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a family breakfast and dinner.

Personal Touch

You know how a dining table is simply defined with 4 corners and dining chairs sitting in symmetry? Well, why not give each member a personal corner, so that everyone can sit freely in their own space. An octagon shaped dining table somehow gives you more space to seat people, which is quite baffling. You won’t know it until you are at a furniture shop and feeling the space, sitting in the dining chairs.

Antique Collection – Mix and Match

So, you are more of a free spirit. Don’t worry because we have got a dining table design for you too. The key is to pick out dining chairs that define you and your humble abode. It’s actually a brilliant idea because it gives your house a bohemian look.

Cutting Corners

You might have seen this seating design numerous times in restaurants. A simple picnic table made of quality wood with dining chairs and a cushioned bench. You won’t believe it but this is a 90s design that was used in taverns. So, if you want to decorate your dining room with a rustic setting, then this design is perfect for you.


Wicker chairs. Yes, the classic patio chairs will look great with your dining table. To give the setting a “lovely” look, go with dining chairs that have floral designs at the back. It’s what we like to call, “Love at First Sight”.


You know those keepsakes that your grandmother gave you? Their elegant carvings and antique look truly made them special.

Why not incorporate the same design into your dining table and chairs. Chunky legs and rounded curves, with designs intricately carved into the sides… this is what we like to call a royal setting.

So, which one should you choose? It all depends on your dining room size and the way you have decorated it. From wall paint, to abstract art hanging on the wall, shelves adorned with personal belongings and family frames… there are all kinds of decor for you to choose.

To find such designs, why not pay a visit to Penang Road or Bencoolen Street? These places in Singapore offer some great furniture shops where you can find rugs and 3 seater sofa with some unique, never-seen before designs.

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