Distincting Corporate Japanese From Business Japanese Class

With the increasing number of Japanese language schools in Singapore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between corporate and business training. The most common thing about taking Japanese courses in Singapore is that all these lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students preparing to use Japanese in a professional setup. To clear up the confusion, we will look at learning Japanese in Singapore either as a corporate or a business class student separately.

Business Japanese Training

The essential element in any language school teaching the Japanese language is to prepare students adequately for the business world. Most Japanese courses Singapore offer two types of business Japanese language training programs.

The course is aimed at introducing students to business Japanese, etiquette, and business skills necessary for job placement. Another aspect is to give you better communication skills that go beyond conversational levels. If you happen to enrol in a Japanese language school working closely with credible recruitment agencies, you will get employment support.

The Two Types of Business Japanese Classes Singapore

  • Nisshinkyo Business Japanese (NBJ) Language Program

This program is suited for students who already have an advanced understanding of general Japanese. The NBJ is a perfect setup for international students who want to overcome language and cultural barriers, enables students to acquire necessary communication skills in a business environment and to become reliable workers in and out of Japan.

  • Business Class Japanese Class 16

These classes are appropriate for those with intermediate proficiency in Japanese but are eager to know more about expressions and decorum as they prepare to look for employment in Japanese companies or companies that use Japanese as the official language.

Corporate Japanese Training

Corporate Japanese courses in Singapore should help build your Japanese language abilities that foreign employees should have. The capabilities will give you the skills of forming interpersonal relationships within any company. Corporate training in any Japanese language school is tailored to meet the expectations of different working environments.

Special corporate training programs are designed to meet the specific demands of companies and different professionals such as IT engineers, marketers, and managers who need specialised skills in a particular field.

The difference between the two courses may be quite clear if you consider that they target different types of students for different environments. However, here are some of the benefits to students who take Japanese lessons in Singapore.

Japanese classes in Singapore use accredited lessons that guarantee their students’ quality in what they are learning. This means that schools handling Japanese courses Singapore offer precise and accurate lessons.

  • Learning Japanese in Singapore means that you sit for internationally recognised tests.
  • You get native Japanese teachers as your instructors, especially for the advanced courses.
  • Corporate clients get to enjoy abundant training facilities ensuring quality learning.

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