4 Ways To Build On The Experience Of Your Hotel Guests

Delivering excellent service, providing professional expertise and creating a pleasant and memorable experience for the guests are what will make your establishment stand out from the rest. Whether it’s through a tantalising dish, an attractive presentation or a caring service team, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the wow factor. Read on for some inspiration!

Invest in Food-Safe Cleaning Supplies

Regular cleaning products typically leave a residual taste or scent that may be absorbed by ingredients in the next round of cooking. This will result in an unwelcomed taste that could ruin the guests’ dining experience.

With food-safe cleaning supplies, not only will you get rid of the unwanted scent, you can replace it with a complementing aroma. But don’t just rush to replace all your hotel supplies just yet, as products you decide on has to first be duly authorised by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

Use Flexible Moulds

Flexible food moulds is the cherry on top in the world of kitchen supplies as it can literally create the cherry on top. We kid.

These versatile food moulds can be used for any dish and allow the chef to present his craft in a creative and exquisite manner. The best thing is, when you’re done, simply fold and store it away. Its flexibility means not a single inch of storage space will be wasted. Also, feel free to experiment with different shapes and angles.

Opt for Smart Wine Coolers

When it comes to impressing with your guests with catering equipment in Singapore, we say to invest in a smart wine cooler. Wine lovers know that second to the vintage, the most crucial property about a particular bottle is the temperature at which it is served. You can impress your guests even more by including a smart wine cooler in your hotel supplies list.

Select smart wine coolers can help cool down the bottle in record time, and uses algorithms to calculate the exact temperature of wine inside. This allows you to serve you drink at a temperature that will effectively bring out all of its flavour profiles. Certain coolers even have a battery -operated function, allowing you to chill the bottle right by the dinner table!

Create the Ambience

Ambience is the one thing you cannot buy – you can only attempt to create it using the best supplies, plenty of research and a dose of imagination. A good place to start will be by looking through your various fixtures and lightings, or to observe how your staff interacts with the guests. As a rule of thumb, ensure that they are well-dressed and their expressions cordial, as these can make them more approachable.

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