Distinguishing Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

If you have always thought that plastic surgery in Singapore and cosmetic surgery Singapore are one in the same, you are not alone. A good number of plastic surgeons choose to major their practice and training in cosmetic surgery, and hence, these two terms are repeatedly used interchangeably.

But this isn’t correct. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are closely related fields, but they aren’t the same.

Plastic Surgery vs. Cosmetic Surgery: Goals

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries have their own unique goals. Although both deals with enhancing your body, the main philosophies guiding the goals, training, and research for your end results are different.

Plastic Surgery Singapore

Plastic surgery Singapore is a surgical field dedicated to the restoration of the body as well as facial defects due to trauma, disease, birth disorders, and burns. It’s intended to correct deformed areas of your body and is a reconstructive process in nature.

While most plastic surgeons choose to acquire additional training and conduct cosmetic surgery in additional to plastic surgery, the pillar of their surgical knowledge is still reconstructive surgery.

Examples of plastic surgery Singapore procedures include:

  • Lower extremity reconstruction.
  • Scar revision surgery
  • Congenital defect repair
  • Breast reconstruction.
  • Burns repair surgery
  • Hand surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Singapore

The principles, techniques, and procedures of cosmetic surgery are totally focused on improving your appearance. Enhancing your symmetry, proportion, and aesthetic appeal are the primary goals of this surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can be done in all areas of your body, neck, and head. Since the treated parts function well, this surgery is elective.

This type of surgery is practiced by doctors from different medical fields, including a plastic surgeon Singapore.

Examples of cosmetic surgery procedures include:

  • Body contouring: gycomastia treatment, liposuction, and tummy tuck.
  • Breast enhancement: lift, reduction, and augmentation.
  • Facial rejuvenation: eyelid lift, brow lift, neck lift, and facelift.
  • Facial contouring: chin enhancement and rhinoplasty.
  • Skin rejuvenation: filler treatments, botox, and laser resurfacing.

As you have seen, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have different goals. Their intent is different too.

Plastic Surgeon vs. Cosmetic Surgeon: Training

There is a major difference between a plastic surgeon Singapore and a cosmetic surgeon Singapore. Their different is evidence in their training.

Cosmetic surgeons training are less rigorous than those of plastic surgeons. A plastic surgeon needs to have a 3 years residence, then 3 years of training in plastic surgery.

Actually, it takes as long as 8 years for board-certified plastic surgeons in Singapore to complete their training.

On the flip side, a cosmetic surgeon can be a surgeon who is qualified or trained in cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, or any other procedure.

As well, a plastic surgeon Singapore has the option of training to be recognized as a cosmetic surgeon.

In Conclusion

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that plastic surgery is not the same as cosmetic surgery. Confusion about the two terms has led to misconceptions about the two fields.

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