Why Should You Use Props For Your Next Photo Booth

In Singapore, photo booths are being seen in many types of events, from birthday parties to weddings to community engagement events. The typical photo booth comprises a backdrop and a camera. The instant photo booth in Singapore also offers an instant printing service, where the photos can be printed out in less than a minute after the picture is taken. The best photo booth in Singapore goes one step further by adding value-added services such as the ability to digitally download the pictures taken and live feeds.

Sometimes, these photo booths come with props. Props are the items that are available for guests at the booth to hold or wear when taking pictures. These props can range from decorative hand-held items to wigs to placards with well-wishes written on them. Not all photo booths have the same amount and kind of props, and you can immediately feel the distinct difference in experience with a wide range of quality props included. Props certainly enhance the photo booth experience by providing opportunities for guests to completely transform themselves in their photographs. Here are three different ways that our props make your photo booth experience much more exciting for guests of all ages.

Photo taking becomes a fun, casual experience

For some people, especially the older folks, taking photos may seem like a formal activity. After all, some of them may have never interacted with a camera before in their lives. In the past, they probably had to spend a substantial amount of money to have their picture taken by a professional and framed up on their walls. With the addition of props, the serious mood typical immediately gets lifted. Guests of all kinds will be able to enjoy a stellar fun time selecting different props to use during their shoot, from the toy sword to soft toys. They can unleash their creativity to the fullest potential. the best Singapore photo booths offer guests an unlimited number of shots, so they are free to try out as many combinations of props as they like!

There’s something for everyone

Whether your guests are toddlers celebrating their kindergarten playmates’ birthday or grandmothers celebrating their granddaughter’s wedding, there is a prop for everyone! Younger children will enjoy our large selection of plush toys – including cute flamingos, watermelons and flowers. The older crowd may prefer speech bubble placards. These placards may have well-wishes written on them in both English and Chinese. There are also high-quality cardstock cutouts mounted on holding sticks, so guests can pretend to lick an ice cream or munch on a doughnut. Finally, for those who love action movies, toy guns and swords can add some flair to the photoshoot. A large abundance of props will be provided by reputable Singapore photo booth vendors. This means that each guest will surely find something that catches their eye.


With props, guests can always look forward to a new and exciting time when visiting photo booths. From funky glasses to stunning masks, the theatrics of props are translated into a fun and enjoyable time spent at the photo booth. You’d never be disappointed by the large variety of props available.

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