Factors To Remember When Picking An International School

As we all know, there are lots of new international schools popping up in Singapore but do you know which institution is the best one for you? To make it easier when it comes to picking the most fitting school for you, we have compiled some tips that you can follow so that you can point out the most fitting institution for your studies.

Check their Accreditation

An established international school will have a credible accreditation from the education sector of a country and most of the best schools out there have various recognitions from different awarding bodies of a country.

What’s more, sourcing for the best international school in Singapore for your child is not a difficult task as the country has a very high standard when it comes to education because of a high number of expats that are living in their country.

Know their Curriculum

It is without a doubt that you should make sure that you fully understand how their curriculum works. Regardless of which school you’re enrolling in, whether it is a local or international school, it is a standard operating procedure to check whether the curriculum is appropriate for your child.

This is especially crucial if you plan to enroll your child in an international school, in view of the fact that the curriculum there is much more complex. While you’re looking through the school’s curriculum, you should also take note of their language curriculum as they are usually offering either American or UK English. It is an important aspect to look out for as it will have an impact on your child’s learning. It is recommended for your child to enroll in a school that uses UK English as their main language curriculum because it has a much deeper and wider vocabulary that can hone your child’s English skills quickly.

Observe the Students

Make sure you don’t overlook this as enrolling a child in an international school will require you to be a deep pocket person, for the reason that tuition fees in this type of school can be rather expensive. Not to mention that most students who are studying in these schools can actually afford to pay for the fees.

It is important that you observe the behavior of the children that are studying in the international schools as you want to make sure that your own child does not mix with any bad apples. Peer pressure can be enforced by others at a very young age, not to forget that some students can be very manipulative and influence your child into doing something undesirable.

Make sure to take note of the school’s reputation, as some schools have many bully cases and you definitely wouldn’t want your son or daughter to be one of the victims. Adding on to the fact that international schools are composed of students from different countries meaning that the environment is multi-cultural, which is why every student has a distinct attitude. You shouldn’t skip out on this step, as aside from enrolling a child in a certain school for its academic aspect, you must also consider the morals and values that your child can catch there.

These are the three not so obvious but basic ways that you can do to check if the international school is good for your child. However, if you are living in Singapore this will be not a problem because almost all of the international schools in Singapore has already addressed the problem of bullying because the country is composed of a large number of expats, that is why they put a lot of emphasis on practicing equality especially training children at a very young age.

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