Where To Go For Budget Shopping In Singapore

Anybody who is planning to go for a vacation will probably have to end up saving here and there if they want to fund their shopping needs. What’s more, purchasing items, souvenirs and gifts can be rather costly when you’re in another country.

It is indisputable that the little red dot is a shopping paradise. It doesn’t matter if you are a shopaholic or not, you’ll always bag something back whenever you go shopping in Singapore. But with a limited budget, you may not be able to shop as freely as you want to. To help you with that, we have prepared a list of places where you can go shopping in Singapore.

Bugis Street

Indeed, looking for inexpensive shopping in Singapore can be mind-boggling. However, Singapore offers a large number of options in clothing, gadgets, footwear and so forth! The first place that you can look at is Bugis Street, it has over six hundred outlets, with most of them still currently available within the establishment. You can snap up a simple yet casual dress for as little as $10 or even $5. Or better yet, get a beautiful watch at a very reasonable pricing.

But if you’re a lazy person who doesn’t enjoy strolling and shopping around the marketplace, you can choose to shop online instead. Don’t worry, you’ll be astounded by the options online as well, so pick up your wallets and shop away.

Mustafa Centre

Known as one of the most popular shopping destinations in Singapore, it is filled with an endless selection of alternatives from wrist watches, garments, gadgets, footwear, fragrance, jewellery, household furniture, publications to gifts. Not to forget, it’s a 24-hour shopping mall, so you can even be fulfilling your shopping needs at the wee hours.

The many options available at Mustafa Centre are also pretty affordable, so if you are looking for a spot to shop within a fixed budget, make this place your next pit-stop because you will not be disappointed.

Lucky Plaza

Though Orchard Road is known for being a relatively expensive shopping destination to visit, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s another place you can visit nearby for affordable steals.

The very name of that shopping mall is Lucky Plaza. It is an excellent place for vacationers who are looking for cheaper products, what’s more, it is home to the latest clothing, gadgets, medicated natural oils, sweets, textbooks as well as many other fascinating products. You can even choose to buy branded perfume in small sample sizes from Lucky Plaza that is undoubtedly less expensive compared to those you can buy from other malls.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

This shopping mall is a two-story construction with lots of factory stores like Charles & Keith, Giordano, Billabong among others. Over here, you’ll be able to get massive discounts on goods that could be around 30 to 70% off its usual price! Compared to the other notable places that were mentioned above, it is a somewhat lesser-known spot for affordable products when shopping in Singapore. However, you nevertheless need to wait in queues for the free offer.

Far East Plaza

Right here, you may get the trendiest products that resemble or are even the exact product from Korea or Hong Kong. When you arrive here, you can buy a beautiful one-piece outfit or perhaps get a couple of t-shirts that cost between $15 to $30. If you’re lucky, you might even find clothing pieces that are as low as $10.

Besides clothes, Far East Plaza is also well-known for its gadgets and services for tattoos, fingernails or toenail arts and even relaxing spa sessions.

So the next time you visit Singapore, don’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket because there are many budget shopping malls for you to visit.

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