What Is The Best Size For My Dining Table Set?

Choosing a new dining table set for your Singapore apartment can be a tricky situation. Small surfaces do not accommodate big tables very well, yet we tend to want to be able to receive the whole family properly the next time they come around.

In addition, there are some rules to follow when setting up a new dining room. Just keep reading this article and you will be an expert!

What size for your new dining room set?

Before deciding on a specific set, you have to keep in mind a few furniture placement rules. The first rule calls for at least 18” between each big piece of furniture, like the table and a cupboard. If you have the space for it, 24” is even better in order to allow people to move around the table freely, bring dishes comfortably and get enough room to sit comfortably on the chairs. To accentuate the design, some people also adds a rug underneath the dining room set.

The next step is to think how many people you will need to accommodate on your table at once. Indeed, you will not need the same size whether your dinner parties are usually a group of 4 or a group of ten!

In all cases, you should consider buying a modular dining set where you can add more table length and chairs as needed – especially if you are tight on space on a daily basis. It can be a good idea to combine buying your new dining set in a furniture sale in Singapore if you have a single room serving as dining and living room, in order to optimise your space.

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