Steps You Can Take To Spend Quality Time With Your Child

As we all know, life here in Singapore resembles life in Japan and other Western countries. We are a very busy country and let’s admit that because of our busy schedule when it comes to work and the busy schedule of our child on their school works the quality time with our family is compromised. Especially if your child is studying in an international school here in Singapore where school works are really fully loaded.

Here are some useful tips that we can give you to utilize your time for better quality time with your children:

  • Avoid overtime at work if not necessary – there are times when overtime at work is not necessary and when that happens then take the opportunity to go home early as possible. With this action, you can conserve a lot of energy especially if it is on the last workday of the week. Your weekend will be surely worth it by having a rejuvenated body. For the reason that if you are exhausted it is sure that you will just want to sleep the whole weekend that is why it is very essential not to overwork yourself.
  • Always check the status of your child from time to time – even though you are busy at work once you have integrated this habit to your daily schedule. It will help you have a good impression on your kids which is a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Avoid stress – for you to schedule the quality time for your child you must have a clear mind. One advice that I can give you is that you must keep yourself calm at all times despite your busy schedule or problems. With a positive attitude, you can schedule the bonding time with your family effectively.
  • Always do things ahead of time – this is applicable for whatever task you are doing with this attitude you will avoid cramming which compromises the schedule of every person. With all of your tasks done you can concentrate more on spending quality time with your family.
  • Do not work on the weekends – this is pretty self-explanatory it is a must not to work on weekends because it can sacrifice a lot of your time that must be spent for your family.

Weekends must be solely spent for your family because imagine you are working hard the whole weekdays you must cope up for the time that was lost during your working days and the schooling days of your children.

With these suggestions now on your mind, you can implement it immediately for you to be acquainted with these habits. You can bring your kids and wife to mall or parks or do some recreational activities with them such as sports.

If you do not have the budget you can just stay at the house watch some movies with your family, play board games or even help them with their homework I am sure that they will truly appreciate your efforts on spending some quality time on them.

Also if there are affairs in their school such as family day on weekends be sure to attend it added the fact that international schools in Singapore always have that kind of event.

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