8 Great Party Outfits Ideas For Different Party Occasions

Since time immemorial, fashion and parties have gone hand in hand, creating some of the most stunning, memorable, and iconic outfits. Women, in particular, are often the highlight of such affair, strutting their stuff in vivacious ensembles of luxurious sequins, silks, cashmere, and more. The beauty of these outfits often elevate parties to sensational heights of glamour and swank.

With the multitude of party themes and outfits available for selection nowadays, some people may find it challenging to find that unique combination of clothes to fit the theme of the party, especially if it’s a theme that they’re unfamiliar with. While it’s important to fit the theme, don’t forget to be comfortable and wear what your heart desires too.

In this article, we’ll share some outfit tips that can inspire you for different party themes, so you’ll fit into the party seamlessly.

90’s Themed Party – Yes, the ’90s are retro now

The advent of Generation Z into adulthood means that the ’90s are now classified as a retro party theme akin to their generational predecessors, the 70’s and 80’s. The ’90s are characterised by big hoop earrings, mom jeans, dungarees, chokers, band t-shirts, and plaid shirts. The best part about 90’s outfits is that you can mix and match almost any combination of the above to achieve a party outfit that fits the theme to a T.

Cocktail Party – Dress & Drinks

Cocktail parties are usually gatherings that can be for either socialising or business networking. Most of the time, it’s a formal affair, but there are also times when it’s more casual such as a mixer. Cocktail parties are the perfect time for A-Line dresses as they are stylish and figure-defining. Additionally, pantsuits and palazzo sets are also great choices, coupled with high footwear such as stilettos. You can add a bold accessory too, to ensure an elegant and classy style fit for any cocktail party.

Beach Party – Sun, Sand, Sea, and Sandals

The beach is one of the best places for a party, be it in the daytime or under the stars. Wearing the right outfit allows you to enjoy the sea breeze and sun without getting the sand lodged in the crevices of your clothes. When it comes to the beach, wear airy, flowy clothes that are also comfortable and fun. Maxis, playsuits, and one-piece kaftan dresses are perfect airy outfits, while crop tops and cowl pants are great if there are party games. Add gladiator or pom-pom sandal, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Graduation Party – Get an ‘A’ in Fashion too

Be it college or University graduation parties; it’s the best time to commemorate your academic success and all the hard work that went into it. All those casual outfits that you wore for 8 am lectures end here, and dressing to the nines is the order of the day. Bring out your best outfits, like a midi dress with capped sleeves, crochet dress with lace details, printed blouses with lace skirts, and also a patterned jumpsuit with asymmetrical ruffles. Pair it with neutral accessories like jewellery, and a pair of heels, to celebrate your graduation in immaculate style.

Fashion Tips and Outfit Accompaniments

Picked the perfect outfit for your party? It doesn’t have to stop there! We also have a few suggestions that can elevate your look.

Wear  a Shapewear Item

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes we need just a little help fitting in certain clothing items or enhancing certain areas of our body while in an outfit. This is where shapewear items can be the perfect accompaniments. Items such as a tummy slimmer and brassiere from the premier and best shapewear companies like ours can smoothen and lift certain areas of your body, to enhance your overall look and make you feel even more confident and gorgeous.

Accessorise with Sunglasses

A face-flattering pair of sunglasses can instantaneously beautify any outfit and add a touch of class. While a sleek black pair can be the go-to choice, don’t be afraid to glam it up with tortoiseshell or bold statement colours. Differently shaped sunglasses can also add a personal flair according to your preference.

Add a Hat to your Outfit

Pairing functionality and fashion together is the epitome of style, and a hat can help you achieve that easily. A beret, sun hat, Panama hat, and Trilby, are some of the more popular choices that can be paired with almost any outfit. Also, hats like a baseball cap and a beanie can also enhance the look of a more casual outfit, so you stand out from the crowd.

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