How Your Bad Before-Bed Habits Can Ruin Your Sleep

Scientific research shows that sleep is vital to your health. Contrary to what many think, when we sleep our minds and organs don’t just rest, they engage in the restore and repair mode. They ‘work tirelessly’ through the night to replenish and renew what was lost.

So, whenever you lie down on your queen size mattress in Singapore, know that you are not just resting.

Sleep is precious. However, there are plenty of habits that Singaporeans adapt, thinking that they aid us to sleep, instead, they steal our sleep.

Here are five habits that are stealing your precious sleep.

Keeping the TV or Radio on as You Sleep

Some people claim that they cannot get to sleep unless the television or radio is on. Whereas this may be true (due to psychological reasons), it doesn’t translate to a good sleeping habit.

Sleeping while the TV or radio is on may help you to fall asleep faster; however, it keeps the brain active.

Sleep experts say that your brain stays subtly conscious of the “sounds” in the environment. The brain keeps replaying the scenes from the TV show or it keeps running the lyrics from the music you’re listening to. It deters your brain from engaging the rest and renew mode.

If that’s you, consider programming your TV or radio to go off after about 30 minutes of being in bed.

We Sleep Less as We Grow Older

Infants can sleep for up to 22 hours a day. However, as children grow up they sleep for fewer hours.

Does that mean that older adults need less sleep? No.

Scientists have shown that as we grow older it’s not a reduced need for sleep that happens, but changes to the brain that causes age-related shifts in sleeping patterns.

So, don’t pinch yourself next time you spend more time on your queen size mattress in Singapore.

Having a Drink or Two Before You Sleep

Many Singaporeans don’t mind a nightcap before bedtime. In fact, it is thought to aid sleep.

Alcohol might put you to sleep faster; however, it is also responsible for interrupting your sleep cycles.

Chances are high that you’ll wake up from your pocket spring mattress more frequently on the nights that you drink than those that you don’t.

Catch up on Sleep Today Because Tomorrow Will Be a Long Night

You may develop a sleep deficit if you don’t get sufficient sleep. However, it’s absurd to think that you can invest in more sleep tonight for future use. Your body responds better to regular sleeping patterns.

Consider developing healthy sleeping habits to establish a balance in your sleep schedule.

Getting Really Tired Before Retiring to Bed

Contrary to the belief that fuels this common habit, scientists say that we rest better when we go to bed less tired!

Our bodies release adrenaline to help us cope with fatigue and if you go to bed with a fresh release of the hormone, you’ll end up restless and more tired in bed.

Consider taking naps during the day or retiring 30 minutes earlier so that you can get time to bond with your queen size mattress.

Avoiding these habits that steal your sleep helps you to be more refreshed and productive.

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