Keeping Your DIY Printed Shirts At Its Best Condition

Once you printed your first DIY shirt it is expected that you will feel accomplished especially when the t-shirt print is nicely done. However, your responsibility does not stop there because you must make sure that the print on your shirt will last long.

Here are the following techniques that you can use to maintain the tiptop shape of your printed shirts many t-shirt printing here in Singapore is using these techniques:

  • Do not hot iron the print – it is pretty self-explanatory because extremely hot temperatures can damage the print and once it is damaged it is already irreversible. If you are planning to iron the t-shirt avoid the flat iron to have contact with the printed design at all times.
  • Do not use strong detergents when washing the shirt – strong detergents can fade the print over time that is why you must only use mild detergents to preserve the color and quality of the print.
  • Avoid touching the print from time to time – touching the print can make the print deteriorate quicker because our hand can scrape the print. So avoid the habit of touching it and leave it just as it is for it to last longer.

Put these reminders on the mind in order for you to protect your DIY printed shirts from deterioration. As t-shirt printing is a tremendous process and we would not want to waste our effort and money if we will damage our t-shirt with our own hands.

Always keep this reminders on your mind and you will surely never go wrong.

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