TCM: Losing Weight Through Changes In Diet

TCM or traditional Chinese medicine is known as one of the oldest and most popular techniques to lose weight these days.

If you are dealing with obesity or simply just want to shed a couple of pounds to look better, TCM can help you massively. With effective strategies and practical solutions, TCM can be the best weight loss program for you.

TCM weight loss program focuses on diet rather than exercise. In fact, TCM emphasizes on how much calories you have eaten. Not to mention, it also keeps track of the fat you burned in the process as well. On top of it, TCM will also keep track of your body’s functionality.

Another thing traditional Chinese medicine will evaluate is the energy levels, which is known as ‘qi’ in Chinese. To put it simply, TCM will see if the energy found within the body is perfectly working for your well-being. When your qi is improved and flowing freely, you will then be able to lose weight smoothly.

So, let us see the effective ways to lose weight using TCM:

1. Pay Attention To What You Eat

According to TCM, you have to eat vegetables, organic meat, fruits, and whole grains to enhance your qi. Also, you must not eat any preservative or artificial foods as they are detrimental to qi.

Make sure that you eat slowly too.

It is a significant aspect of TCM because if you do multitasking while eating you may lose focus on eating, resulting in overeating. So, eat at a slow pace and chew thoroughly.

2. Don’t Consume Foods That Take Away Your ‘Qi’

If your intention is to lose weight, then you should not be taking sugar or caffeine. Other types of foods you should definitely avoid include cold or raw food as well.

The reason behind this is because you will have to end up using too much qi to heat up and process the food within your body. Ultimately, taking away the qi to boost your metabolism.

3. Eat At Fixed Timings

The human body responds to a certain time for physical activity. In regards to weight loss, you have to eat your breakfast between 7 am to 9 am. After that, you should eat less than what you eat for breakfast at lunchtime.

As for dinner, you have to eat a small portion of food and you must finish your dinner at 5 pm. Now, the timing for dinner might be difficult. But if you have burned the calories you have already consumed, it may not be a problem. Eventually, it will enhance your qi.

4. Early To Bed & Rise

With this being another key motto of TCM, it means that you have to absolutely get to bed early.

To be precise, you should be in bed by 11 pm because your body starts a detox process at that time. So, if you are awake, you might have a negative impact on the detox process.

5. Work On Body Movement

According to TCM, doing exercise doesn’t indicate you have to do gym work for hours.

The main thing here is body movement, which can be done in various ways like walking, running, tai chi or yoga. However, it is okay if you do extensive gym work too.

6. Use Herb & Acupuncture

It can reduce your food cravings and overeating. On a side note, herbs have a positive effect on the weight loss regime.

Bottom Line

TCM is an effective way of weight loss. But, you must sure of what you are doing with your body as this is a matter of concern for your health. By following the right method you can easily find the solution to your weight problems.

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