Upping Your Corporate Gift-Giving Game

Are you tired of sending the same corporate gifts that you know will be destined to be stuck in some corner of your client’s office, or in worse cases, be thrown into the trash can?

Well, say no more.

Below, are some unique corporate gift ideas to request from your corporate gift suppliers that will help your company stand out and have your customers wanting for more.

1.    A Healthy Snack Box

“Healthy-living” is all the craze these days, so why not jump in on the trend? Putting together a box of healthy snacks shouldn’t be too hard, and the benefits are plenty. The fact that you’re giving clients the satisfaction of being able to enjoy a snack without the guilt of it harming their body is something that will not go unnoticed.

Your clients will surely be thanking your company, and more importantly, be thinking of you fondly every time they get a snack out of the snack box for the next few days.

2.    An Eco-Friendly Bag

Whether it’s a nylon tote bag or a non-woven bag, your clients are sure to love having something eco-friendly to use to store their stuff.

Also, because eco-friendly is “in” these days, your clients will have no problems flaunting your bags with your company’s name on it on a daily basis.

3.    Succulents or Mini-Gardens

A dash of greenery never hurt anybody. In fact, studies have shown that having a couple of plants in the office can help improve mood and productivity.

Just make sure that you choose a low-maintenance plant that can survive weeks of minimal care.

4.    Fun Socks

As office dress codes become more and more relaxed, a lot of employees are letting their creativity fly by wearing fun socks at work.

You can jump in on this growing trend by giving away fun and novelty socks as part of your corporate gift-giving campaign. The best part about this is that you can custom-make the socks that have your company colours or logo, which is great for branding.

5.    Something Cute and Functional

Think of something that you could use in your office. Like, for example, a cheap USB fan, or a small notebook, or perhaps, a small hand sanitiser.

While the gift shouldn’t be about you, it should help to find some inspiration from things that you or your employees could use on a daily basis.

6.    Flowers

There are plenty of occasions where flowers make for great gifts, and very few where they don’t.

You can welcome new clients or send regards to your favourite customers by sending them a bouquet of farm-fresh flowers that are arranged to wow and impress.

7.    Fitbits

Sure, they’re not cheap, but you can get a huge discount if you buy in bulk. Not to mention, you’ll be on the minds of your clients because they’ll be really thankful for the company that gave their office a great employee productivity booster.

Regardless of what kind of corporate gift you plan on giving away to your clients, what’s important is the thought. If you put in a lot of time and effort into coming up with the gift, then your clients will surely appreciate the gesture.

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