6 Slimming Hacks That Are Both Effective & Healthy

Losing weight is a concern of many people in Singapore these days. They want to lose a lot of weight quickly, which is not good for their body. Rather, they should focus on reducing their weight the healthy way.

Following are six healthy ways that can help you lose weight healthily.

1. Follow an appropriate exercise plan

A proper exercise plan will aid in increasing your daily energy consumption and preserving lean body mass. This means that you need to increase your simple aerobic regimen slowly, such as from 20 minutes, three times in a week to 30 minutes, five times in a week, and then to 45 minutes, five times in a week.

2. Plan all your snacks and meals

You should plan all your meals as well as snacks so that you don’t feel hungry throughout the day. This includes drinking low-calorie drinks and eating raw vegetables (like carrot sticks) and fruits. Since noodles and rice constitute most of our meals, you can opt for brown rice and eat more fruits and vegetables during meals. This will slow down digestion and absorption of food, which will make you feel full for a long time period.

3. Drink plenty of water

It’s important to stay hydrated in order to enhance the metabolic rate and energy expenditure of the body. You should drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water (250ml each) every day. Moreover, you should listen to your body, which means if you feel thirsty after exercising or in hot weather, then drink more water.

4. Avoid alcohol

You should avoid drinking alcohol since it has lots of calories. Moreover, such drinks cut off fatty acid oxidation through which fatty acids are crushed by several tissues in order to create energy. If not all at once, you can reduce your alcohol intake gradually.

5. Don’t skip your breakfast

Most of the people skip their breakfast nowadays owing to their busy schedules. They think that this way they can lose weight quickly. However, they are wrong! Breakfast is the most important meal and when you skip your breakfast, your body starves. In order to tackle the starvation, the body preserves the energy and disrupts the metabolism and our moods. This leads to snacking before lunch or overeating. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss any of the three meals a day.

6. Chew properly and slowly

When you chew your food thoroughly, you eat more slowly. This results in less food consumption and small food portions and makes you feel full. In order to make eating slowly a habit, you can count the number of times you chew in every bite.

So, these are the 6 ways in which you can cut down those extra kilos. You can also consider looking for slimming treatment in Singapore. Make sure you take a diet that is high in fiber and complex carbohydrates and low in fat. Don’t forget to avoid foods that have lots of calories, like alcohol, sweetened drinks, and oily food.

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