Is It Time For You To See A Dermatologist?

While dealing with cystic acne and acne scar removal at the same time with the other activities in your life, it could get hard to keep up with medical appointments and seeing a dermatologist. For some people, they think seeing a dermatologist is only when things have become severe. If you want to have an idea of when the right time to see a dermatologist is, this article is for you.

1. You notice a mole that is changing size or shape over time.

A lot of people are born with natural birthmarks, freckles or moles, and in some cases, these natural body marks could change after some time. In some cases, there is no health threat, but in other instances, it could be a sign of something more serious taking place in the skin. It could be the sign of many things including skin cancer. You should see a dermatologist immediately you notice such changes on your skin.

2. You have a painful cystic acne

If you have a painful cystic pimple that you have tried every cystic acne treatment that you know but none seems to be working, seeing a dermatologist should be squeezed somewhere in your calendar. Cystic acne is different from regular pimples and may require getting professional treatment for it.

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