What You Can Do To Make Training Rooms More Inspiring

The next time you pick a training room rental location, be sure to make use of these tips to turn your seminar room into an energizing and inspiring space, no matter the audience.

1. Consider the audience needs

Whenever you conduct a seminar, know your target audience. For example, you may be presenting slides on a new health product that is specifically targeted to parents with young children. Understanding their thought process can help you focus on creating an atmosphere that is both relatable and refreshing. A good way to start is estimating the number of people attending. Our training rooms at International Plaza comes in different sizes complete with tables and chairs, as well as a good Audio-visual (AV) system.

2. Choose the right furniture

Does your seminar or class require tables? Especially if you will be conducting classes, you might need to request for tables that will enable your attendees to place their laptops and jot down notes. Our training rooms located at International Plaza comes in several types of setups, depending on your preferences. In other circumstances, you may need to have your products displayed in the seminar. In this case, requesting for a table to be placed in the centre can help to complement your presentation in all the right ways.

3. Pick the right room

When selecting a room for your seminar, you should have a rough estimate of training room rental costs, the capacity of the room, and whether it is soundproof. Simple things like wall colour can actually affect the overall mood – for example, a blue wall can raise feelings of calm and relaxation. Once again, make sure you know your target audience and choose a colour that is best suited for their needs.

4. Adjust the lightning

If you will be presenting slides during your seminar, you may need to adjust the lighting in the seminar room such that everyone in the audience will be able to view the presentation clearly. Typically, bright lights can make a display appear more vibrant, while dimmer lights tend to dull the atmosphere. There are some general tips that you can apply in regard to lighting. First, avoid or minimise overhead lighting and having the wall colours complement the lighting can enhance the vibe of your space.

5. Deciding what AVequipment you need

Any training room will not be complete without the right AV equipment. If you plan to utilise a filter, take note that it should be positioned at just the right distance from your audience. Consider using a larger screen for a bigger audience. Go through a list of equipment that you will need on the day itself, such as cables, remote controls, microphones and speakers.

6. Provide sufficient amenities

Key to any successful seminar is making sure your audience is as comfortable as possible. Creating an inspiring space can be as simple as providing them with a place to put their bags, supplying plenty of snacks and beverages to munch on, or even going the extra mile to position cards that direct your audience on what to do or where to go throughout the event.

After you go through your to-do list, don’t forget to run a test before the actual day. Should there be any problems that occur, at least you still have sufficient time to resolve any issues.

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