Treating Acne Scars With The Help Of Dermal Fillers

Acne Scar Treatment With Dermal Filler

As acne heals, it might leave scars which may be treated in several ways, including using dermal fillers. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at acne scar treatment in Singapore. While dermal fillers can be used in treating acne scars, this method is not ideal for all patients. Read on to find out whether fillers are best for you.

Options For Acne Scar Treatment

Superficial Scars

For the fine, superficial acne scarring, there are several modalities available that can help minimize their appearance. Several chemical peels could help reduce the appearance and the depth of scars. With laser treatments, you could reduce scar appearance but you’ll have to keep in mind that you might need about 4 to 5 treatments spread over several months.

Dermal Filler For Acne Scars

Chin fillers Singapore may be used for temporary filling of pitted acne scars. But, they might not “completely” disappear. Also, this treatment option can trigger collagen formation that will help in reducing acne scars in the long-term. Look at this treatment option as one that will have the largest impact.

While results tend to vary, it often will depend on the scarring levels, the length of time you’ve had it and any other underlying factors. Also, dermal fillers may be used alongside other modalities, like skin needling, fractional laser, subcisions with a needle, and other skin resurfacing procedures.

How Long Does Fillers Last In Treating Acne Scarring?

Chin fillers Singapore often last 6 to 12 months if used in acne scar treatment Singapore. This will, however, vary for each individual and will depend on the type of filler used.

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