Increase Your Metabolic Rate Through TCM Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends a balanced weight and spleen to lose weight. Your body should be able to extract and split nutrients while removing toxic waste off the intestines. The stomach finds it hard to digest greasy food like fried meats and sweet cakes. Here are some of the best TCM Slimming ways for weight loss –

Chinese Tea

Drinking tea is a tradition in Asian countries like Singapore. According to research, green tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, and black tea have polyphenols, which help burn fat and promote weight loss. You can find different types of Chinese teas recommended for slimming.

Chinese Herbs

TCM slimming guidelines also recommend the use of Chinese herbs to control appetite, improve metabolism, and fat burning. Some of the commonly used Chinese herbs, which help promote weight loss, are Fu Ling, Chen Pi, Lai Fu Zi, etc.

Bao He Wan has different herbs for weight loss. It controls the functioning of the gut and promotes digestion. It is among the best digestion remedies in Singapore.

Ear Acupuncture

It is one of the best acupuncture treatments to promote weight loss. In this process, ear seeds are used to activate specific auricular points. The ear seeds are applied at the end of the acupuncture session to make the effects of treatments to last longer. 

According to most studies, applying needles or pressure on certain points provide better results than ear seeds. Acupuncture promotes stomach functioning and spleen, reduces hunger, controls endocrine function, and improves overall vitality and energy. 

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