A Checklist Of Essentials Every Bedroom Should Have

Both dressers and chest of drawers are perfect storage staples for your bedroom as they are both robust and versatile. Well, there is a slight difference between them. They both have several drawers and match well with wooden bed frame Singapore, they are different in size and design. You can choose one as per your needs.


Dressers are basically wide, short and deep. Their drawers are very airy and are arranged well in several columns, usually with 2 to 3 drawers on each side, totalling 4 to 6 drawers or more. They have enough room on the top thanks to wide frames, to attach a mirror. You can get dressed in front of it. This is why it is known as ‘dresser’.

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawer is narrow and tall. A column of 4 to 6 drawers is the most common setup. Since it can be tall, it is not a common place for the mirror. Its thin, sleek design can take up as little space as possible on the floor.

Decide what is best in your bedroom

There are diverse ranges of storage furniture available. Therefore, you need to decide what works best. If you have smaller bedrooms, you can save space with a chest of drawers and bedside table. You can get the most of vertical space storing clothes in a taller piece. You can also double a shorter chest of drawers as a nightstand. In addition, you may easily go with a dresser if you have a lot of space. Visit a online furniture shop in Singapore now!

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