What You Can Do To Make A Complex Message Simple With Videos

Many production houses use all sorts of strategies to deliver messages effectively and keep audiences focused on compelling content.

The Internet has revolutionised in terms of communication and information availability, and over the years, it is gradually transforming industries by breaking down traditional barriers.

One such area that is experiencing transformation is education. Creative video production companies have devised ways to develop effective educational content and distribute it through the Internet, substituting traditional classrooms.

But these principles do not only apply in the education sector. Entrepreneurs have also developed videos to deliver complex messages with in-depth information and explanations about complex subjects.

Below are techniques that can help you do the same.

Use Multiple Interviewers and Interviewees

A change in the voice tone or inflexion to signify changes in chapters; or different types of questions; or to narrate different parts of a video helps to keep the audience glued to the video. For example, you can switch the voice from a male to a female narrator when changing between chapters.

It keeps the audience focused on the material, which is vital when it comes to delivering complex messages.

Avoid Repetition

When delivering complex messages, the flow of information should be progressive.

It may sound obvious but top production houses in Singapore will also advise you to cut out any repetitive comments from your video. It’s a common error especially amongst novice firms and video production companies in Singapore.

Have Some Pauses and Breaks

Breaks and pauses within the video are crucial. They help audiences to digest the information received and enhance recall of the primary points.

Be on the lookout for video making companies that’ll want to pack a lot of information within a short video length under the pretext of “good economics.”

Remember, the audience is the main focus and although you may want to deliver everything within a 2-minute video, they cannot absorb complex information fired at them all at once.

Leave Out the Speeches and Scripted Answers

An excellent way to keep audiences focused on your content is to communicate messages that are authentic and natural or at least sound so.

Therefore, ask the interviewees not to prepare speeches and let the video feel more like an informal friendly chat with a friend who is curious to know what you have to offer.


Your choice of location also matters. The entire location should speak volumes about the subject matter and it helps to deliver complex messages in a simple way.

For instance, if you are explaining a complex medical topic, hold your interviews at the backdrop of a hospital. Also, keep the background bright and colourful, it gives a positive tone to the entire video.

To Conclude, Do Not Oversimplify

Many video making companies in Singapore use these pointers to make your video attractive yet easy to understand despite a complex message.

Often, they will insist on videos that are as simple as possible. This is often guided by scientific data which shows straightforward and uncomplicated videos get more views and have a profound effect as compared to complex videos.

Ultimately when delivering complex messages, simplicity applies just as far as the audience matters.

However, don’t over-simplify the video in the hopes that having more simplicity will make the video better. Make the video simple enough to be understood by your audience but also sufficiently complex to “pass the bar.”

Make it simple, but don’t patronize the audience. They’ll just switch off your video.

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