Can Dermal Fillers Treat Acne Scarring & Hyperpigmentation?

When dealing with a zit, the only thing that’s more stressful is the not-so-great gift it leaves behind once it heals: an acne scar. Different from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that can fade away with the diligent and proper use of retinol, over-the-counter brighteners and sunscreens, acne scars are the permanent indentations caused by damage to the skin’s collagen. Until recently, expensive, time-consuming laser treatments and temporary facial fillers were the only methods for treating this issue.


Although Hyperpigmentation is quite harmless, for many it is a cosmetic concern. Skin pigmentation Singapore is distinguished by skin patches that get darker in color than the surrounding skin. This occurs due to an overabundance of brown pigment which produces natural skin color (melanin) hence forming patches (deposits) in the skin.

Dermal Filler For Acne Scar Treatment

Dermal fillers offer both long-term and short-term benefits for many patients. While this treatment might not be right for your kind of acne scars, there are other treatment solutions available for treating acne scars.

Acne scar fillers help elevate shallow, yet broad-based acne scars. Although nose fillers Singapore are temporary, they will trigger collagen production thus improve acne scars. Nose fillers Singapore are administered using gentle injections to the skin using small gauge needles.


While most treatments will help, some might not entirely erase skin pigmentation Singapore, but at least they will lighten them considerably. Also, such treatments can help quicken fade time, if you’d rather not wait for the spots to lighten naturally.

Remember that—when you beat acne you will also prevent developing hyperpigmentation. This step is important in clearing PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), and scars. Luckily, a dermatologist can help.

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