A Quick Guide To The IB Middle Years Programme In Singapore

The MYP is an educational framework where students need to study eight different subject sets – technology, physical education, arts, mathematics, sciences, humanities, and two languages – in each of the five years of the programme.

The IB-MYP curriculum Singapore lays extra importance on academic challenge and support students to make realistic connections between their subjects and the real world, thereby preparing them for success in life. It also teaches young people to empathize with others and pursue their lives with meaning and purpose.

The MPY curriculum framework includes global contexts to help students explore substantial ideas that matter to their studies to understand shared guardianship and common humanity of the planet and different approaches to learning to help them learn by self-management, collaboration, communication, research, etc.

How learning and teaching are organized in MYP?

MYP organizes learning and teaching via eight different subjects. Through it, the programme promotes interdisciplinary study that will help students make the correlation between them. Integrated learning and teaching will help the students develop the habits of mind and analyze complex issues that will help them participate in the real-life and increasingly interconnected world.

Additionally, International School Singapore students in MYP also need to engage in a collaborative and planned interdisciplinary unit that involves a minimum of two subject groups each year. They also have to submit a long-term project where they will have to decide what they want to learn, identify things that they already know, and discover what they need to know to complete that project before creating criteria or proposal for finishing and submitting it.

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