The Battle Against Hair Loss: AnteAGE MD Hair Growth System

If you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the lack of hair growth – there is now a powerful solution that can help to stimulate your hair follicles into growing back fuller, thicker and healthier naturally.

Hair loss is a problem that can be caused by a plethora of factors, including genetics, stress, aging, and most frequently – follicular conditions. While it used to particularly dominant in the male population, it is growing increasingly common amongst women and the younger generation as well.

Rather than viewing it as an external issue, hair loss management strategies should thus aim to treat the scalp from within – as compared to simply covering up bald and thinning patches, it is equally essential to focus on maximizing the ability of hair follicles to regenerate, repair and renew themselves.

Introducing a real game-changer: AnteAGE MD Hair Growth System.

Similar to how stem cells have been used to boost regeneration in the skin – technological advances have allowed for this same concept to be applied to the scalp to aid hair loss!

What is AnteAGE MD® Hair Growth System?

A breakthrough in the hair restoration industry – AnteAGE MD Hair Growth System uses a proprietary system comprised of in-clinic treatments and topical lotions for use at home.

Specially formulated to awaken the sleeping stem cells inside the hair follicles and encouraging them to grow – AnteAGE is a safe and natural hair loss treatment that does not require you to go under the knife and face the risks of hormonal side effects.

Rather than simply undergoing a hair transplant, AnteAGE works on a deeper, more cellular level.

What is the secret ingredient? AnteAGE contains medical-grade Stem Cytokines™ and Growth Factors (GF) that supports the extension of the anagen phase of hair follicles, using the same power that drives your skin’s natural healing system to trigger hair growth.

What are Stem Cytokines™ and Growth Factors (GF)?

Research has long revealed the role stem cells play in tissue repair.

Stem cells are the “mother” cells found within various tissues of your body that contain hundreds of growth factors and cytokines, and are the most intelligent anti-inflammatory agents that work to manage the all-important task of healing our body.

Unfortunately, as we age, our naturally occurring stem cells start to decrease and become less efficient. Overtime, this leads to less cells being available to repair and mend the body – which is also why hair health tends to deteriorate as we age.

In every hair follicle, there is a bulge of these stem cells – and their failure to activate and communicate with one another is what happens during hair loss.

This is where cytokines come in as key bio-signals that can be utilized to instruct and direct stem cells in the hair follicles to grow and regenerate quicker. Combined with a unique formulation of growth factors that have been precisely engineered for effective follicle stimulation – AnteAGE products are able to mimic the body’s natural bio-signals and thus channel its cellular repair and regeneration abilities.

Where do AnteAGE stem cells come from?  

Important to note is that AnteAGE products do NOT contain any cells at all; however, they do contain a potent blend of bio-signals that have been produced and harvested under strict laboratory conditions in order to extract bio-signals that will engage in skin repair and regeneration.

Instead of retrieving actual stem cells from the body, AnteAGE derives their ethically-sourced, superior stem cells from the bone marrow of young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors.

Otherwise known as mesenchymal stem cells, bone marrow stem cells are highly versatile, and are capable of growing or differentiating into a number of different cell types that are best used for tissue regeneration. In fact, medical literature shows bone marrow stem cells as the safest and most genetically programmed to produce natural healing and anti-inflammatory bio-signals.

12 bio-identical GFs are also added into the solution – each with their own unique hair growth features and benefits. AnteAGE products are 100% cruelty, cell, paraben, pathogen, dye and fragrance-free.

All active ingredients eventually work together to activate the stem cells of the hair follicles to do what it is meant to do – sprout a full bed of healthy, new hair.

Backed by research

There has been a wealth of clinical studies conducted to show the improvement of hair density and fullness after the regular usage of AnteAGE MD Hair Growth System.

With the micro-needling procedure, 85% of participants reported a major improvement in hair loss in just 12 weeks, and 50% noticed new hair growth. The researcher concluded that 18 out of 28 patients in the study had moderately increased or greatly increased amount of visible hair in balding areas during the same time frame.

Similar positive results were also seen with participants who took part in the full 24-week trial, as well as for the at-home topical lotions.


We now offer AnteAGE treatments as part of an comprehensive hair loss treatment plan.

Administered in-clinic through a process called micro-needling – our doctor will first apply numbing cream on the treatment area, and then proceed to use a derma roller to make small pricks on the skin in order to boost the penetration and absorption of the topical growth factor solution used to spur hair growth.

You can expect your scalp to feel sore and tender for the next 2 to 3 days after your session; however, this is completely normal and should subside in a week

It is recommended to come for treatment every 2 – 4 weeks for a minimum of 5 sessions in order to start noticing a more youthful hair growth pattern and increased hair density. In addition, you will be required to continue treatment at home using the topical lotions provided to shorten healing times and continue to reap the rejuvenating benefits of AnteAGE.

At our clinic, you can even use AnteAGE as a post-procedure treatment after your FUE hair transplant to initiate healing, as well as a complement to our signature acne scar treatment!

It is hard to ignore the exceptional results of AnteAGE – book your first session today to be blessed with a thriving bed of healthy hair, no matter your age!

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