Learning English; Find Out The Best Method For You

As you progress in your English course in Singapore, you’ve been through countless ups and downs. There are highs, when you nail the tests and engage in conversations fluently, and lows.

If the lows are more frequent than the highs, or your colleagues get better grades than you do, the chances are that you’ll feel like you are just not meant to learn English.

Well, that’s not the case. Chances are the approach is not right for you.

But how can you tell what works for you? Read on and find out more about yourself.

Talk to an English Teacher 

Have you been taking an online English course in Singapore? If yes, and you feel that you are not making significant progress, reach out to an English tutor. Technology has made it easy since you can reach out and get in touch with teachers around the world, including native speakers, at the click of an icon.

As you engage, you’ll discover more about your preferred learning style and what to look out for in a program. For instance, programs that focus on build your language skills through conversation and other forms of expressions are more effective than concentrating on cramming grammar rules.

But, find what works for you.

Emphasize What You Already Love

Do you love watching movies or reading thrillers? Or are you an internet fanatic and can’t get your eyes and fingers off the browser?

Watching movies helps you to improve your listening skills and is a great eye-opener to the cultural context of language. The same applies to your writing skills when you blog. Whatever it is that keeps you glued to having English interactions should be your springboard to improving your language skills. Just ask for the proper references from your tutors so that you’re confident of learning the right thing.

Evaluate English Learning Programs

There are many English courses in Singapore and even more available in cyberspace. Before signing in for one, evaluate the mode of training. Does it match with your preferred style of learning?

Everyone is different. Some prefer learning using textbooks; others like memorization; many people like practical, or hands-on, learning of languages. But, you must find out which approach does the learning program predominantly use? And does it rhyme with your preferences?

One recommended English learning program is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). You will take part in the IELTS exam preparation that results provide a good declaration of your English language proficiency.

Create a Better Language Learning Routine

Knowing what works for you is a journey of self-discovery. Once you’ve taken the steps above, what remains is working on your study routine or language learning routine.

If you are a ‘structure first’ person, make textbooks an essential part of your learning routine. On the other hand, if you are more of the practical, hands-on person, then throw away the books. You would probably learn more about structure by watching a classic English movie than from reading textbooks.

The bottom line is, create a routine that best prepares you for the eventual objective, whether it’s a business meeting or IELTS classes in Singapore. The method should enable you to practice what you’ve learned daily and exposed you to English environments.

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