4 Prime Challenges That Can Be Solved By Applying Physics

Our modern world is currently threatened with many problems, some of which are serious enough to threaten the survival of humans. Many of these problems have arisen because of human activities, and have no known solution. While it is not surprising to see researchers all over the globe trying to find solutions to these patterns, one of the subjects that have come to the forefront to face these real-world problems is physics. Just like many other subjects, to have a good understanding of physics, regular practice and study are needed. This is why students enrol in personalized physics tuition to help them learn and understand physics better.

With science being the forefront when it comes to tackling the world’s severe problems, here are some prime challenges that can be solved by applying physics.

Global warming

Global warming is a real threat that needs no further explanation. The ever-increasing temperature of the Earth has caused an unprecedented melting of glaciers and resulted in aberrant weather patterns. Through means of energy-efficient engines and low carbon footprint of machines and equipment, we can curb this danger. Such solutions require the development of machines and equipment that have low carbon emission and thus, help in tackling the problem of global warming. Many secondary schools have started teaching students more about the threats of global warming. Tuition classes such as Physics tuition for sec 3 also offer a glimpse into this area.

Food production

Many parts of the world are battling famine, drought and malnutrition. The impact of these problems can be minimized by increasing food production. While most people would associate food production with biological and environmental studies, physics can also play a significant role in this field. By employing improved irrigation designs and harvesting techniques, it is possible to increase crop yield and make more food available for human consumption.

However, in order to think about multi-disciplinary applications, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts in the subject. This is where regular tuition, such as JC physics tuition, can help a student make an excellent grip on the basics of the subject and think of unconventional applications to tackle real-world problems.

Medical applications

Robotic surgery is a ray of hope for treating ailments in parts of the body that were not previously inaccessible. Various subfields of physics, such as nanotechnology, have resulted in exceptional advancements in medical procedures. In addition to robotic surgery, the principles of physics are applied to create nano-probes that are incredibly efficient in diagnosing ailments by delivering drugs at the target site.

Energy crisis

It is no secret that we are running short of non-renewable sources of energy. Thus, the quest for clean energy is rapidly growing in scale and relevance. This is where physics comes to the rescue. Nuclear physics is another field of physics that allows humans to tap into the unlimited potential of atomic energy for the benefit of humankind. It can pave the way for sustainable and clean energy sources that may be extremely important in the near future.

Thus, it is crucial that we understand the basics of a subject as complex as physics. This allows us to think outside of the box and develop innovative yet effective solutions for some genuine and possibly hazardous challenges that we are facing today. Due to the impact and potential that physics has in the world of combating our real-world problems, students of physics must strive to develop clarity in this subject. We never know when the next application of physics could prove to be the turning point for us in the real world.

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