4 Things To Learn About The Weird World Of Quantum Physics

The word “quantum” means “the tiniest possible unit of a physical entity”. Quantum Physics is a branch of science that deals with the smallest things in the universe. If you are taking physics tuition and have been paying attention in class, you’ll probably have come across it several times. The Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) in Singapore regularly holds events to help demystify this branch of physics. Scientists are making incredible discoveries using quantum physics. Some of the theories of quantum physics seem impossible. But are they? Below are four of the craziest and fun facts about quantum physics.

The Theory of Virtual Particles

Imagine an empty space. Quantum physics says it’s not empty. Rather, it’s full of energy and brimming with matter and antimatter. In it, random particles pop in and out of existence due to that energy. The particles are made of matter and antimatter, and they appear, touch and explode and disappear all in a billionth of a second. It’s a theory of quantum physics yet to be adequately explained, and you’ll probably find many explanations online. IP physics tuition teachers will be able to help you better understand this principle.

A Sun Made of Bananas Would Be Just as Hot

In Singapore, we enjoy warm weather throughout the year. But what makes the sun hot? The sun is hot not because there’s a massive fire on it. Rather it is hot because of its immense weight. Thus its’ gravitational pull is enormous, putting it under tremendous pressure and causing nuclear fusion. So, if the sun were made of bananas of such a colossal weight, it would still be just as hot.

The Faster You Move the Heavier You Weigh

Quantum physics suggests that Usain Bolt weighs more on the track than on the scale. According to the theory of relativity and Einstein’s famous equation e=mc^2, mass and energy are the same thing and interchangeable. If you put in more energy on an object moving at the speed of light, it wouldn’t go faster but that extra energy is needed to handle the increasing mass of the object. You will encounter this concept at any O Level physics tuition or H2 physics tuition in Singapore.


The final fun fact, but certainly not the least, is the theory of quantum entanglement. We know that the fastest moving entity is light. However, quantum entanglement suggests that tiny particles interact with each other at a rate faster than the speed of light, such that they are cannot be described independently of each other. Albert Einstein thought this very strange and referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.”

John Bell explained entanglement by theorising what happens when a positron, or antielectron, meets an electron. Many other theories, such as wormholes, have come up to explain entanglement. You can ask your physics tutor to give you more insight to this remarkable theory.

Quantum physics continues to continually question existing theories and our perception of everyday events. If you are taking A level physics tuition, you’ll come across some of these fun facts.

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