Metabolism: The Hidden Element That Affects Your Weight

We sometimes question whether a situation is out of our control. Although sometimes, we may not be aware that we have the power to change a situation that may seem bigger than us. When it comes to the body and weight loss, we hit a wall where there appeared to be no results even after all the effort.

What is metabolism?

Well, perhaps, that wall could very well be your metabolism. Metabolism is the pace at which your body converts food into energy for your bodily functions, and in turn, reduces calories in the process. There is a direct proportion to the relationship between metabolism and weight; the higher your metabolism is, the more weight you’d lose and vice versa. While age, sex and genes also affect metabolism – things you cannot control – this does not render everything hopeless. You can still speed it up!

The human body by staying alive burns our more calories than we can imagine. Imagine burning calories while being fast asleep? Sounds too good to be true but give these different methods a try and boost your metabolism for an effective weight loss.

Watching what you eat

Dieting is only effective if you are well-informed, which, unfortunately, for many of us, are not. Frequent starvation and the skipping of meals may only cause your weight to bounce back once you’ve stopped. Or even worse, you might develop the habit of yo-yo dieting, which is harmful to your body. You may also start binge eating to satiate the hunger that has accumulated from the days when you don’t eat. These instances, while very detrimental for your health, will also slow down your metabolism.

Our diet has an enormous impact on our metabolism. Breakfast helps to supply blood sugar to your muscles and brain for optimal activity. Ensure you have a well-balanced breakfast every single day so that you don’t overeat to compensate for the lack of energy in the morning. Eating small portions is also recommended as large portions will only cause your stomach walls to stretch even further, and you’d get hungrier faster than you should. It is also important to experiment with the different diets that are out there, for instance, Keto diet, Palaeolithic diet and Atkins diet, to get the optimal results.

Getting physical

Exercise is an excellent way to boost your metabolism. By building lean muscle mass, you are increasing your rest metabolic rate, which is the rate in which your body burns calories while at rest. Furthermore, a vigorous exercise will burn your calories for an extended period, even after you’ve finished your routine.

The exercise post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as after-burn, is a state where your body is burning calories to supply blood sugar for your increased heart rate and core temperatures. It will only stop once your body reaches its baseline levels.

Enhance your slimming efforts holistically

Another method to boost your metabolism is to go for the holistic route! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is often the preferred option to some as it focuses on tackling specific ailments while contributing to weight loss. TCM also provides less invasive and plant-derived solutions to help with your overall health. One of the techniques used in TCM, the Guasha, helps to increase your metabolism by stimulating blood flow and enhance blood circulation.

TCM slimming treatment will also advise you with regards to your dieting options while providing you with solutions that will accelerate your slimming process. For instance, Pu-erh Tea may be suggested as a viable option as it not only helps you increase your metabolism, but it aids in your digestion and will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Finally, achieving weight loss requires more than having the best diet and exercise; your determination and commitment are the essential factors in this journey of yours. Without those two, a lax attitude in either your diet or exercise will cause your metabolism to dwindle to the starting point, and your previous efforts will be rendered obsolete. However, there is no shame in going for effective slimming treatment in Singapore to get that head start, if you desire any!

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