Proudly Display Your Singaporean Roots With A Photo

There are many companies offering services for photo booth. Photo booths have grown to become so commonplace at weddings and large-scale events. Because the photo booth rental market provides so many options, it can be tough to discern which photo booth is the right one for your event. Being an inherently Singaporean brand will certainly be able to provide photo booth services that are tailored to your guests. Here are a few ways that we incorporate the norms into our wedding photo booth in Singapore.

Props splattered with Singlish – as if your guests were saying those words themselves!

One key element to any photo booth experience is the props available. Props can add a lot of personality to each picture, so a large library of props will make the photo booth a very fun and enjoyable experience.

Whenever you hire a photo booth, you will certainly be delighted with tables of props for your guests to choose from. While some of these props – like soft toys – do not show off any culture, we provide many placards with Singlish words. These range from well-wishes to jokes, and they can really add a neat local touch to the pictures taken. Some placards we have include ones that say: “Blur like Sotong”, “Dun Play Play” or “天天开心 – Two Sky Open The Heart”. These colloquial expressions are a fan favourite among guests at our photo booth and will often elicit laughs from their friends. It is a great little touch that breaks the ice and brings out the joyous mood of the celebrations.

Have a customised backdrop & printout design!

The magic of the modern photo booth is the large number of customisation options available in each photo. Besides the props, the photo booth backdrop and printout design can also be customised to your liking. A large variety of backdrops are available to choose from, including those that resemble the old-school KTV night clubs. If you want to make it even more special, change the backdrop to something unique to your wedding, like the place where you first met. Printout designs are also another fully customisable feature that is offered with our photo booth. Our team of professional in-house designers will be able to come up with a bespoke design to perfectly complement your wedding. Both these customisable options help bring your own unique personal flair into the event.

Bring everything online

Finally, the experience would not be complete without something to remember the event digitally. After all, so many people are addicted to their phones, it would be inexcusable to not have a digital presence for the wedding. Our photo booths are able to post all pictures taken directly onto Facebook, meaning that guests can easily download and share the photos. You may even compile all the pictures taken into your own digital photo album that all your friends and loved ones can access. Now that is the true power of technology.

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