Wedding Caterer: What To Keep In Mind When Looking For One

Home cooked dinners are great but do you want the same home-cooked meals for your wedding dinner? Weddings are an auspicious occasion, therefore for this special event, you should leave the food to experts like Wedding Catering Singapore, so that you can enjoy your special day with a big smile on your face while your guests enjoy live satay stations, cheese platters and pretty charcuterie.

When it comes to selecting your caterer in Singapore, you need to be careful since there is a lot of competition, and you cannot just go out one day and book a caterer for your wedding after 2-3 tastings. You need to plan these tastings weeks before so that your wedding day goes without a hiccup. Here is what you need to keep in mind before the big day:

  • Go for food tastings

Although online reviews are plenty, people have different preferences, so you may want to taste the dishes yourself.

  • Keep an eye out for exceptional service and professionalism

While you may love the food, you would also want to keep a close eye on how the caterer plates a portion, or serves you. Other things you would want to look out for will include their interaction style, greeting etc.

  • Be aware of hidden costs, refunds, and cancellation charges

You do not know the future, so it is better to be careful than get whacked with unnecessary monetary losses.

Everything is better with wedding catering Singapore, so put on your shoes and get ready for some amazing tastings!

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