Settle Into Your New Condo Life With These 3 Simple Tips

These days, condominiums have often become a lifestyle choice that most people seek no matter the occupation or background.

Whether you’re a high wage earner, a couple with young children or an individual – condos have become one of the go-to options for many. One such example is Starlight Suites in Singapore – it’s beautifully designed and filled with numerous facilities.

Compared to typical HDB flats – the lifestyle of a condo is more or less the same. At the end of the day, it’s important to make a good impression in your neighbourhood and follow the assigned rules set by your respective condominium.

Here’s what you need to do when you’re planning to settle into your new condo life.

Get along with your neighbours

First and foremost, you could start by getting to know your neighbours. A condominium community is typically very friendly and welcoming – you’ll be able to discover many newfound and meaningful friendships.

Especially when it comes to getting around the establishment – a neighbour who has lived in the condo for several years will be able to help you get familiar with your new home.

That way, it’ll be easier to set up your new home and try out various activities or even find a favourite spot within the condo. If you’re not too big on greetings, you don’t have to start a conversation with one of your new neighbours immediately – you can always start with a smile first.

Go through all the rules and regulations

Regardless of whether you’re staying in a condominium or regular HDB apartment – all places have their sets of rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow.

The ones in charge of most duties and tasks of managing the condo premises are known as management corporations (MCs). Though they do not have the authority to impose penalties actually – they can still put service fees in place to deter breaches of condo by-laws.

It’s important not to disregard any of the rules and regulations such as causing damage to trees, lawn, shrubs or other plants, dispose of rubbish or unwanted items on the common property, and so on.

For example, in regards to releasing a wheel clamp on a car – fees can range from $50 to $300. But it’s also possible for it to go up to $1,000. Conditions of this particular service involve the location of the condo; whether it’s next to an MRT station or in the Central Business District (CBD) area where people are more likely to park illegally.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the council and MCs on the deciding service fees. So, whether it’s about noise containment or pet regulations – do your best to be a responsible resident and abide by the condo by-laws.

Participate or organise activities

Look out for any activities in the condo – some places may regularly host activities such as basketball, running, and even barbecues.

If not, you could always take the initiative and put together a couple of activities to strengthen the bonds among neighbours and build new friendships.

On the other hand, you could also offer to volunteer when there’s a cleanup done by the management or maintenance staff. Otherwise, you could do your part by keeping your space clean or just clean up after yourself whenever you’re done with a barbecue or any other activity.

All in all, condo living offers a great experience once you get the hang of what needs to be done in the beginning. Meanwhile, if you’re still looking for a suitable condo to live in – the condo, Starlight Suites for sale is available for purchase or rent right now. Check out the showroom or enquire more information about the condo.