Learn To Battle The Fears That Arise With Moving Abroad

There is a saying that goes, “change is constant.” If that is the case, then why are humans so deeply afraid of change? Any change, no matter the scale, is sure to bring doubt or fear into anyone. A regular job change is sure to bring in fear, with the dread of new office culture, new colleagues, a new boss and more lurking in the back of your mind.

The fear of moving and changing jobs is only compounded by having to adapt to a new culture, learning a new language, fitting into a new professional environment and much more. In this case, fear is inevitable.

Here are 3 common fears that can be found within anyone when moving internationally, and how to best combat them.

Fear of Acceptance

Philosopher Aristotle once said that “Man is by nature a social animal,” claiming that social acceptance is something that everyone craves. Relocating to another country no doubt brings in fear of being unable to fit in within the local community. People are bound to react differently in a new country, and not knowing the reaction from a new community fills our heart with dread and fear that they won’t accept us.

The best way to combat the fear of acceptance is by starting small. Make new friends around your neighbourhood, such as attending a church service, becoming a social volunteer or by frequenting your local market. Learning to speak a few lines in the local language can gradually help you communicate easier and increase your possibility of making new lifelong friends. Take the time out to read about the culture and understand more about the core values of your new community.

Financial Stability

Moving abroad is sure to cause a drop in your finances due to new living expenses. Living in a new country might have a higher cost of living, and therefore strain your finances early on when you are adjusting to a new life. Even so, financial stability is crucial if you’re looking to stay abroad longer.

Before relocating, plan your budget and your savings, and stick to it as much as possible. Fear in financial uncertainty is inevitable, but with proper financial planning ahead of you, you can overcome this fear! As such, preparation is vital!

Fear of Being Unhappy

When you leave behind your social circle, your comfort zone and a life that you’ve known for so long and move to an entirely unknown environment, it is common to feel unhappy about your situation. Not only do you have to put in a lot of effort to fit into your new community, but it feels as though you are doing it all on your own.

The truth is that you aren’t alone. Moving overseas can be daunting, and it is only common for you to feel homesick. Make a call to your old friends, relatives, and even people in your old community. You never know when a friendly voice can prove to be the comfort you seek. You can also join local expat groups to share your woes and seek advice in a community of people who have similar experiences. It can bring you relief and assurance to know that someone else might be going through the same thing as you do and you can relate to them.

Moving abroad can be a huge task, but with proper professional help, it can erase some doubts and leave you a little more assured. There are international movers in Singapore, dedicated to cost-effective and efficient relocation services. Find out the areas you need help with in regard to moving, as these international movers can provide professional assistance and lessen the burden as you relocate to a new country.

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