Convert Your Home Into A Haven And Avoid These Mistakes

Everybody has an image of their dream home but not many can realise it. Luxury interior design may look effortless but it takes a lot of mental gymnastics to make a space look visually stunning. To help you obtain your desired home, here are some common design errors and ways you can avoid them!

1. Cluttered Interiors

Do you have the habit of collecting items that have sentimentality value or otherwise? Unfortunately, the idea of waiting for the right moment to use an item is not doing much for your interior design. In fact, clutter is its worst enemy and Marie Kondo would agree.

Whether it’d be items you deemed useful in the future or mere visually appealing décor pieces, you will need to either keep it out of sight or get rid of it altogether. You may look into selling them away or giving it to charities. Otherwise, keep it in storage.

Since Singapore doesn’t have much land to offer, our living spaces are consequently small. Thus, you may want to consider storage spaces that double as furniture, such as storage beds and sofas. That way, you can keep your items and have a spacious (physically and visually) home.

2. Bad Lighting

Similar to clutter, one of the most fundamental rules to good interior design is good lighting. It’s not just the lack of natural light but also monotonous overhead lights in a room. Add a statement chandelier or sorts to give that dramatic flair, if you need it. You can include task lights in areas such as a study room and kitchen, as it provides illuminance and contrast that will allow you to better accomplish your task. Nonetheless, a poorly lit space is a major design faux pas so ensure that your home has got that covered!

3. Bad And Misplaced Furniture

You may have acquired a beautiful space after a landed house renovation but all that hard work and money will be for nought if you have bad furnishing. This could mean furniture that is visually conflicting, misplaced or in the wrong size.

Apart from making sure the furniture is visually harmonious with your room, you will need to ensure that they are placed strategically. This is to ensure that you have enough thoroughfare – especially when taking into consideration the relatively small living space – lest your home will be hard to walk around in, much less live in.

4. Accessorising Wrongly

An all-too-common error in interior design entails using wrong home accessories.

Accessories like rugs and curtains can transform a room from a mundane space to a lively and cosy room. In the instance wherein you pick the wrong type of carpet or living room curtain, you are missing an opportunity to tap on the potential of these accessories in the right way.

Thus, you may want to seek inspiration from interior design catalogues or discuss with your interior design consultancy firm!

 5. You Don’t Have to Match Everything

Whilst most interior design packages have a standard look, you may request to change and tweak certain aspects of the concept given to you. Of course, this will also translate to additional costs on your part.

Otherwise, you can easily tweak the look of your home with the right décor accessories and furniture. This way, you have more freedom and say on how you’d want your space to look like. Mix and match colours or furniture or add a statement piece or two.

However, do remember not to go overboard and mix everything till it becomes a mixed jumble of clutter.


Convert your home into a design haven when you avoid these common mistakes! This is an opportune time to exemplify your personality and artistic flair, so don’t hesitate to do so! It’s another one of the few things you can do to occupy yourself in this uncertain time. Discuss your interior design inquiries with us, you can reach us through WhatsApp or make an e-appointment!

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