A Quick Guide To Hair Removal For Different Body Areas

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and commit to a semi-permanent hair removal treatment, but aren’t quite sure what to expect.

Well, other than the fact that you can finally bid goodbye to waxing appointments for good – here are the top 4, most popular areas that laser hair removal has proven to produce amazing results!

1. Bikini area

Maintaining your hair down there can be a tricky situation, especially when you are set to head for your next beach vacation in a few months. Waxing is painful, and shaving often leads to nasty bumps that don’t look cute in a bikini – both of which our SHR (Super Hair Removal) easily solves in just a few sessions!

The best part is, your bikini area tends to have a higher contrast between the hairs and skin, since it doesn’t normally get exposed to the sun – which is why it responds a lot better to bikini laser hair removal as compared to other areas on the body (YAY!)

Given that this area is very intimate and sensitive – you can now enjoy the long-lasting benefits of being free from nasty cuts, redness, and thick, unkempt hair!

2. Underarms

The underarms are an extremely popular treatment area since it often gets exposed in sleeveless tops and dresses. Having hair not only leads to more sweat and odor, but also can be embarrassing in many social situations.

Fortunately, underarm laser hair removal leaves you with durable results that from our experience, responds very well to our laser – where it takes approximately 10 minutes to not only zap away hairs, but even out skin tone and smoothen skin using our proprietary Princess Gel™!

3. Legs

Undergoing body hair removal, especially for the legs is another common request. This large area can be a pain to constantly shave, and is often susceptible to cuts, bruises and pigmentation when hair removal is not done correctly.

Our SHR machines offer the best laser hair removal for this area as we are able to treat the area in a much shorter time than traditional IPL hair removal treatment – with more effective hair reduction results to show for it! In fact, customers tend to see a noticeable improvement in just 4 – 8 sessions, with smoother and fairer legs to flaunt!

4. Face

Your face is the most visible part where even the tiniest hairs can be noticed even from a short distance. SHR is perfect for facial hair removal as our machines are designed to treat even small, intricate areas without causing any adverse side effects.

The face is a highly-sensitive area that is affected by hormonal changes that can occur at different phases in our life. Whether it is your upper lip, sides of the face or chin – rest assured that our specialists got you well covered!

With smooth, hair-free skin, applying your skincare products and makeup will also prove to be a breeze from here on out!

Getting your hair zapped away is one of the best investments you can make right now. Be sure to check out our monthly deals and promotions and contact us to book your FREE consultation today!

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