Sensitive Skin Care: Tips to Use During Laser Hair Removal

Despite the fact that our bikini area is a super sensitive and delicate area that needs special care and attention – many ladies often don’t know how to keep it in tip-top condition.

Which is why we have prepared 4 handy tips that you should incorporate into your routine if you want beautiful skin down under!

#1: Practice proper shaving techniques.

If you want to avoid irritated skin and ingrown hairs, you will be glad to know that many of this can be easily avoided using proper shaving techniques.

A basic rule of thumb to follow is NEVER shave on dry skin and always use a fresh razor each time. Ideally, you want to shave towards the direction of your hair growth –in fact, the best time to shave is near the end of your shower where the hairs are at its softest, thus facilitating easy removal. 

Even if you were to undergo laser hair removal treatments, you will still be required to shave before your appointments, so knowing exactly how to shave is crucial to the effectiveness of your treatment – and minimizing the chances of any bacterial infections down the line.

#2: Exfoliate in the shower.

Not only does exfoliating help to remove ingrown hairs, it also helps to remove any debris to reveal smoother and fairer skin!

Exfoliating should ideally happen before and after any hair removal – and make sure you use a gentle exfoliator for this very sensitive area – working in small circular movements in order to help “lift” the hairs and clean it thoroughly.

#3: Don’t forget to moisturize!

Yes, your bikini area needs to be moisturized, just like the rest of your body.

Since your lady bits can be particularly sensitive, use a fragrance-free lotion that has soothing effects to do the job – make sure to read the labels first before applying, as using chemically harsh and synthetic ingredients can cause unwanted irritation. A useful tip: the lesser the ingredients, the better.

Moisturizing your bikini area helps to keep it plump, healthy, and less prone to bacteria and irritation. Keeping it hydrated is also the best way to prevent bumps and nasty ingrown hairs – so go ahead and lather on!

#4: Stick to your laser hair removal sessions.

Unfortunately, shaving, tweezing, and waxing can cause many issues such as cuts and ingrown hairs when not done properly – which is why opting for laser hair removal such as SHR (Super Hair Removal) is the best way to go hair-free!

Because hairs down there tends to be coarser than the rest of the body, this means that it will probably see better results using SHR – our superior technology is able to effectively target the hair follicles and destroy it in just a few sessions.

With over 22 areas to choose from, we offers both Brazilian hair removal and bikini laser hair removal – giving you the option to decide how much hair you wish to remove in a painless, semi-permanent way!

Your bikini area is a powerful self-cleaning machine, and there is actually very little you need to do in order to keep the area clean and healthy. However, taking some additional steps can make a huge difference in how you feel about your lady bits.

Regardless, it is your choice on whether to go hair-free down there, but know that SHR is the best hair removal treatment if you decide to do so! If you have made your decision – contact us to get a customized treatment plan today!

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