The Ultimate Guide To Scoring The Perfect Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding photography Singapore and having a wedding videographer Singapore is imperative. In between choosing a small wedding venue Singapore, planning the wedding, and wedding reception Singapore, it can be easy to forget. Here are a few tips to help with pre wedding photography Singapore.

Have a photographer and wedding videographer Singapore chosen. You can scout via social media or through any agencies for photographers. It is important to know if their style matches yours so always ask to see samples.

The location can make or break your shoot. For a traditional theme, shoot under some grand architecture or maybe in a historical place. For a more playful theme shoot outdoors in quirky locations. Incorporating props is also a good idea. Discuss what you want with your photographer so that they can set up as you want.

Clothing is also a major aspect. Avoid experimenting and have clothing picked out beforehand. Moreover, having a makeup look, accessories, shoes and hairstyles picked out can help the shoot go more smoothly.

Timing the shoot is important. The best time is golden hour which is early morning or early evening. It is important to reach on time to that the window to shoot is not gone. Have poses thought of and work quickly. Even though a studio is an option, natural light is the best to shoot in. Happy wedding!

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