How To Plan A Fun Office Party For Your Colleagues

If you’re tasked to plan your office’s next big party, the load of pressure that comes with it is inevitable. Not only do you have to accommodate to everyone’s preferences, but your ideas need to be new, refreshing and different, on top of having limitations to comply to, like a tight budget. Most co-workers avoid office parties because they think it’s the same old work party year after year, so staying one step ahead of their expectations is a major challenge.

As you stay home, you’ll have plenty of time to plan the next office party! With this cheat sheet, we hope you’ll feel inspired!

Pick a theme

If you want to throw a memorable office party, then give it a theme! Having a theme acts as the umbrella to your event, as it dictates other details such as decorations. One consideration when choosing the theme is to know who your guests are, in order to select a theme to caters to their interests. You can pick anything as your theme, as long as HR approves of it.

Additionally, themed parties are unique and trendy! It’ll motivate guests to attend the party because they genuinely want to.

Give out door gifts

Door gifts are one of the most anticipated highlights of an event, because who can say ‘no’ to free gifts? However, the worst thing that can happen is when a door gift is left behind on the dining table after the party. If you want to avoid this from happening, consider the functionality of gifts!

Store your gifts in a paper bag or tote bag! Some fun and useful gift ideas you could include are a custom tissue pack or a thumb drive! On top of its practicality, you can even design it to match the theme of the party. To top it all off, you could add in a corporate pen with logo that your employees can use anytime in the office.

DIY photo booth

You’re at a party where everyone’s decked out in their coolest outfits. What better way to immortalise this moment than through a photo booth?

The first step to setting up your photo booth station is by hanging a backdrop. You could hang a strip of butcher paper or even decorate it to the theme of your party – the only limit is your creativity! You’d also need some props for your guests to play around with as they strike a pose. Lastly, you could set up a photo printer or do with a polaroid camera. If not, you could have your guests take photos with their phones and upload their pictures on social media with a unique hashtag.

Create a custom Instagram Filter

Ever since Instagram released their Story feature, people have been using that more often than posting photos!

So, what better way to publicise your office party than through a customised Instagram filter that people can use when posting their stories? It might seem complex, but the process is actually very simple! Just come up with a design, upload it to a third-party app of your choice, then upload it to your profile.


If you’re still not sure what party to throw, then create a poll within your employees! They’ll appreciate you considering their opinions, and it’ll seem like they had a say in the making of the party. Ultimately, the best gift is spending quality time with everyone by forging memories and friendships.

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