4 Neglected Areas In The Office Never To Forget To Clean

At first glance, your office seems clean. Everything is spick and span, and there’s little to no dust lying around the common areas and on the desks. However, it’s inevitable for dirt, germs and microorganisms to accumulate at places that aren’t easily accessible or are hidden. Sometimes, even common areas that look clean, actually requires daily cleaning for the upkeep of the office.

If these places are left forgotten, it can significantly impact the overall cleanliness level of the office. Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind, so we shed light on some of these places, areas or items that must be sanitised and cleaned.

1. Air ducts and vents

Air ducts and vents must be properly installed, maintained and cleaned as the chances of contamination with dust, pollen and debris particles are quite likely. And when it’s wet, it can promote micro bacterial growth in the form of moulds. Altogether, these contaminants trigger allergic reactions and other symptoms in people who are exposed to them.

Since the ongoing COVID-19 situation, indoor air pollution is an issue that has been brought up, making it all the more crucial for these areas to be regularly checked and sanitised. The role of commercial cleaning companies is vital because if air ducts and vents aren’t properly cleaned, it can exacerbate the indoor air population instead. We strictly adhere to the best cleaning practices and standards to ensure your utmost safety.

2. Handles, faucets, switches and fingerprint scanners

Little things can make a world of difference. In fact, out of six dirtiest office surfaces, research by Kimberly-Clark found that sink faucets and handles (particularly on microwaves and refrigerators) made up half of them.

Door handles, sink faucets, light switches and fingerprint scanners at the entrance are common touchpoints that are always being touched by employees and visitors, all throughout working hours. Even if they’re left alone, airborne germs will settle on these surfaces and linger unless they’re cleaned. Hence, these touchpoints should be maintained to achieve a healthy and conducive work environment.

3. Keyboards and computer mouse

With fingers always on the move while typing on the keyboard or scrolling through with the computer mouse, when was the last time you had these electronics cleaned? Especially since humans have an odd habit of touching our faces, as backed up by a 2008 study that found that we touch our face at least 16 times an hour.

Also, according to the aforementioned research by Kimberly-Clark, 27% keyboards and 51% computer mouse were found to have high levels of contamination with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) count of at least 300.

4. Carpets, furniture and upholsteries

Pollen, dust mites, odours and bacteria are known to make a home out of these soft, plush areas. Hence, they must be cleaned regularly so that they can sustain in the long run, and not only when there’s a fresh stain. We highly recommend getting professional deep cleaning services from commercial cleaning specialists so that your carpet, pieces of furniture and upholsteries can remain polished and spotless all year round.


Working towards a clean office environment goes beyond cultivating a habit to clean among the employees. As the head of the company, enlisting the help of professional cleaning companies can do wonders to minimise germs and bacteria in the office. We carry an array of unparalleled commercial cleaning services to disinfect every nook and cranny of your office areas thoroughly.

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