Wedding Reception Styles Chosen By Most Singaporean Couples

After having picked out the perfect small wedding venue Singapore, there is the wedding reception Singapore. After the pre wedding photography Singapore and the wedding, the wedding reception Singapore is the next step. Singapore is a country that celebrates many beliefs. However, today we will look at two of the most popular types of wedding receptions.

The first is the party forward Christian wedding. After a solemn and emotional ceremony most Christian wedding receptions tend to be wild where the bride and groom can kick back and loosen up. It is the perfect opportunity for a wedding videographer Singapore to catch some action shots. It is an extravagant party to celebrate the bride and groom’s bond for life.

A more traditional approach is a Buddhist wedding. Serene and calm, this wedding weighs on tradition and rituals for a happy and long marriage. They are deeply solemn and spiritual experience. The post wedding celebrations usually begin with the couple deciding a date to leave the girl’s paternal home by consulting their kikas. The wedding reception singapore includes dance and music resonant in Buddhist culture such as folk songs. Some of these dances are performed solely by men and other by both men and women. The chosen song also important for the wedding reception as it shapes the atmosphere and ambience.

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