The 5 Unexpected Areas Bed Bugs Made As Their Hiding Space

Bed bugs may be small, but the inconvenience they cause can be mighty. One of the worst things about bed bugs is that a clean home won’t deter them. Bed bugs are not attracted to dirty spaces, like many pests are. Instead, they are attracted by warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide. Thus, even spotless homes can be victims of a bed bug infestation.

That is also why keeping bed bugs out of a home can be quite difficult. In fact, many of us unwittingly bring home bed bugs without knowing it. Here are some ways you might be giving these critters a free ride into your abode:


Airplanes and hotels are some of the biggest culprits of being sources of bed bugs. Due to the high traffic and long hours you spend sitting on a plane seat or sleeping in the hotel bed, these are prime areas for bed bugs to hitch a ride onto you, your clothes, or belongings. If previous occupants have had bed bugs on them, the bugs can easily transfer to the seats or bed and onto your stuff.

Secondhand goods

Secondhand furniture and items may be great bargains, but they pose a big bed bug risk as well. Be especially careful with furniture like sofas and beds, and items like clothing. Wherever possible, it pays to examine the product carefully before buying it, and give it a thorough wash first thing after bringing it home.


Gyms are another place where bed bugs can transmit, through shared equipment and lockers. While it’s normal to wash your gym wear after every gym session, your bag and shoes may be hiding these little bugs without you knowing. Make it a point to inspect and wash them regularly as well.

Movie theatres

Like airplanes, movie theatres are places where people sit for prolonged periods of time. Cushy as the seats may be, they may be harbouring unwelcome creatures brought in by other movie-goers. If you come out of a movie screening feeling itchy on your thighs or back, it will be wise to check all your belongings for the bugs, and cleaning them all well immediately when you get home.

Lounge areas  

A more innocuous source of bed bugs are those common lounge areas such as in your office, hotel lobby, or even the doctor’s waiting room. As they regularly see people sitting on the sofa or chairs, they are optimal spots for bed bugs to feed. The risk may be lower if you don’t spend too much time there. However, it always pays to be a bit more cautious, especially if the area is highly frequented.

Dealing with bed bugs

As you might have noticed, any area where amenities like seats or beds are shared can be a channel for spreading bed bugs. One good habit that can reduce your chances of letting any bed bugs into your home is to have a shower and put your clothes in the laundry once you get home, especially after visiting these risky areas.

If you have unknowingly brought bed bugs into your home, it can spell trouble for you and other occupants of the home. Thankfully, most pest control companies are well-versed in bed bug control methods, due to how common it is. Call up your pest control company before the situation escalates, and get your bed bug infestation eliminated with minimal hassle.

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